Need Help. Bad Reaction to Testosterone

Well your problem is your baseline labs are inadequate, failure to run SHBG levels is a sign you’re dealing with an incompetent doctor. Protocols are designed around SHBG levels, dosages and frequency of injections. If SHBG is lower than your protocol is wrong and you won’t feel well.

Do you inject 150mg in one injection or are you splitting 2-3 times per week? You can’t just inject testosterone and expect to magically feel better, you must have a protocol designed around your labs. In any case you’re having problems and your doctor most likely doesn’t know what to do to help you.

Suggests you have might have slightly elevated rT3 which might explain somewhat elevated TSH. Also you might be iodine deficient, do you consume iodized salt? What are your body temperatures upon waking and 12-2pm using glass thermometer? See thyroid sticky.