Need Computer Help

I downloaded a bodybuilding video using bittorrent from It quit downloading at 99.9%, and I don’t know how to extract it unless it is completely downloaded. Can you guys offer me any help?


sounds like a NAT error, it depends on what client you’re using.

Well, I am using the 4.9.9 beta version of bit torrent, and vista operating system if that is what you are asking for.


I think you’re kind of screwed. I’d just try downloading it again under a different name. It’s worked for me (I usually delete it and try again). Maybe someone else has a fancier trick.

Ok you said you were using Vista. Torrents and Vista… DON’T mix well… trust me ive gone thru 3computers since Vista has come out. Try doing it on a XP OS and then we’ll talk about any problems then.

I would try a nicer torrent client, like utorrent. Also the pieces of torrents become much rarer as you get closer to completion. If i remember correctly, torrentspy has shitty download speeds, so I am not amazed.