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Were you thinking Tomizawa in Moto 2 or Kato in GP class?

The race was canceled after the crash. It was brutal to watch and understand if you don’t want to see it. Yeah, I really like Marco a lot and he will be sorely missed.


I just went through a list in wiki and no names rang a bell. Maybe it was a Superbike rider, I used to watch that quit abit as well.

I got a job working in a hospital in the last year and these wipeouts are getting tougher and tougher to watch not easier. I did watch the Danny Wheldon accident once and after that one time time I changed the channel or looked away when it was replayed.

I just read an article a few days ago regarding deaths in racing as compared to contact sports and how the public just accepts it yet if it was fottball players they would freak. I’ll try to find it, it was pretty interesting.

Tomizawa died last year and the race was not canceled.

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Tomizawa died last year and the race was not canceled.


And there was a lot of controversy around that decision. If I recall correctly they also moved him right away and even dropped him. I think that Dorna learned from that mistake and red-flagged the race without starting it back up.