Maximizing the Benefits of Androderm Patch?

Most experience hormone specialists wouldn’t settle for those mediocre levels, for all we know you were designed to operate at a higher level of testosterone.

Clinics are starting to offer TRT to those with levels below 550 ng/dL, you need to be aware of the diseases associated with lower levels of testosterone and take your health a little more serious. When you start TRT it’s for life, you don’t stop ever for any reason.

Typically 50mg twice weekly will get a guy above midrange to high normal testosterone levels which is where most are happy, SHBG levels will largely determine how many injections per week you require.

A comparison Trump is at 446 ng/dL and he’s 72 years old. Where are your pre-TRT labs that got you TRT? You might want to do thyroid labs as well, TRT will stop working if thyroid hormone drop. Have a look at our thyroid sticky.