MAG-10 and Sex

I am with juice here as probably 99.9% of this board are. He has helped me and many others with his advice. His info is from experience and not just textbook regurgitation. He keeps it simple and to the point which is great for an inexperienced user like myself. I could go on and on here but I don’t want to ass-kiss too much unless it is his avatar’s ass LOL.

Brother juice, keep it up with the good info and don’t let these "know-it-alls get to you.

I have used Clomid and Nolva on their own independently of a cycle to see how they work as ergogens.

My experience with clomid is half an hour after I take my first pill I get wood. 15-20 minutes later my soldier goes on vacation and needs a little coaxing to do his duty and then he doesn’t quite feel his usual, happy, life of the party self. I definately think it is the Clomid.

This is a stark contrast to my experience with Alpha Male and TRIBEX.

I have also noticed a difference between MAG-10 and 4-AD-EC. 4-AD-EC is the cats ass. I like it better than Proviron. I haven’t felt like that since I was 17 and had the captain of the varsity cheerleaders sitting in front of me in homeroom.

I think the 1AD in MAG-10 might compete a little for androgen recptors in the penis.

Hey bro, I ve done a few cycles of mag and have experienced lack of libido. What did was started taking Tribestan on the 2 weeks off. It seemed to work after about 4 days of taking it, my morning erections started to come back.

I’m not saying that other stuff won’t work for you. I know nothing about it. The Tribestan worked for me. I got it through DPS nutrition.

any more advice? It’s been a week ssince Ive had an erection. this topic has been torn to shreds. heres my main question -should I stay on the nolva\clomid mix for one more week of should I jsut switch to clomid (i heard nolva hampers bloodflow to the penis. Or should I just stop everythng and hope things come back naturally. this is a very scary thing for me so I hope you can give me some reassuring answers -thanks

  • consider the possibility that your obvious anxiety over the dilemma may be contributing to the problem
  • consider the use of cialis or viagra as a band-aid solution
  • consider seeing your doctor and be honest about you condition and the circumstances surrounding it.