Lost At Sea Lifting

Age 33
6’5 Starting Weight: 295 Current Weight: 260lbs

Currently living on a ship with a couple decent gyms trying to make some gains. My only real goals are to fix my plantar fasciitis and go home to my wife and kids in better shape and healthy. I’ve been in the Navy for 12 years now and I’ve been in gyms and lifting on and off since 2001 for sports. I didn’t start lifting for looks till I made it to college.
I plan on sticking to a “bro split” while deployed to fill my time and establish a routine to make time go by faster. Inputs are always welcome. Hopefully a the end of this deployment I can post some pretty good “Before & After” pics

The Plan

OHP: 255LB

I’m 107 days at sea and here’s my chest day.

Dumbbell bench - 100x10 110x8 110x8 130x6 140x3, drop to 130x3
Flies - 40x10 45x8 50x8 55x6 55x6
Incline Dumbbell - 80x10 85x8 90x8 95x6 100x6
Incline Flies - 40x10 40x8 50x8 55x6 55xer faciti6
Dips 5 sets of 10 at body weight
Low Pulley Flies - 20x10 30x8 30x8 40x6 40x6

Cardio - Row 2000m for time
Incline walk 20 minutes

(Pic from before deployment at 275lbs before I blew up to a fatty 295lb)

I’m currently listening to this while I lift.


108 Days at sea.

Deadlift - 275x10 285x8 295x8 305x6 315x6
Bent Row – 135x10 185x8 205x8 225x6 225x6
Pull-Ups - 5x5 body weight
Superset Wide/Narrow Lat Pulldown - 120x10 140x8 160x8 180x6 180x6
Seated Row - 160x10 170x8 180x8 190x6 200x6
Dumbbell Row – 80x10 85x8 90x8 95x6 100x6

Cardio - 20min row goal pace 2:05-2:10x500 pace
20min incline walk

Weak deadlift. Needs work. Feet still hurt.

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Oh I am so in!

Navy here, I’ve talked in my log about lifting underway, and will definitely be hitting a good portion of my lifts this next year while out to sea!

Dumbbell bench is looking damn strong, nice work!


109 Days at sea

Active rest day - 20min incline walk

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That’s awesome man! Thank you for the kind words. I wish my legs/back were as strong, but that’s what I’m trying to fix!

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110 Days at sea

Arm day - Nursing an injury from my last arm day (a week ago). Was doing preacher and felt 3 distinct pops in my inner elbow with loss of power and mild pain. I’m assuming I strained/sprained my pronator teres? Just tried to get blood into the area to promote healing.

Tricep rope extensions – 80x10 90x10 100x8 110x8 120x6

Curls - 30x20 30x20 30x20 35x20 35x20

BW Dips - 5 sets of 10

Seated hammer curls – 25x10 30x10 30x10 30x10 30x10

Seated dumbbell skull crushers – 90x10 95x10 110x10 110x8 130x6

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Day 111 at sea.

Seated Bent Rear Delts – 25x10 30x8 35x8 35x8 40x6

Seat Lat Raise – 25x10 30x8 30x8 35x6 35x6

Unilateral Front Raise - 25x10 30x8 30x8 35x6 35x6

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 90x10 95x8 100x8 110x6 110x5

Dumbbell Shrugs – 65x10 70x10 75x10 80x10

Hammer Strength Iso Shoulder Press (plate value per 1 side) 40x10 70x10 80x10 90x10 115x7

Felt pretty good today. Actually got to eat in a surplus for a change today, which helped I think. Got frustrated with my shoulder press because I wanted to move to the 130s today. Made a game time decision not to due to my first set of 110 moved slow. I’ll try in a couple weeks!


Day 112 at sea.

Full rest day. Just work, lots of water, and staying on top of eating. Legs tomorrow.

Day 113 at sea.

Squats - 135x10 225x10 245x8 305x8 315x6

Barbell RDL - 135x10 155x10 185x8 205x8 225x6

Superset Seated Hamstring Curl/Standing Hamstring Curl
210x10 220x10 230x8 240x8
40x10 40x10 40x10 60x8

Superset Leg Extensions/Sissy Squats
210x10 220x10 230x8 240x8
4 sets of 10

No cardio, headphones died, I’m weak and get bored. Going to refind my 1RM for Deadlift/Squat this week and start going off percentages. Thinking of going for more of a 5/3/1 style for deadlift and squats the doing all my accessories.

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114 days at sea.

Incline Dumbbell – 85x12 90x10 95x8 100x6 110x6

Incline Flies – 40x10 45x8 50x8 55x6 60x6

Dumbbell bench – 95x12 100x8 110x8 130x6 130x6

Flies - 40x10 45x8 50x8 55x6 60x6

Dips (with plate value) BWx10 45x10 55x10 70x8 BWx15

Felt pretty good today. Gym was packed on the ship today so the workout

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Day 115 at sea.

Rest day.
Watched “Only The Brave” x 1

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Have y’all been at sea this whole time? Uncommonly long time without a port call. I did a 7.5 monther back during Covid where my port call schedule was pulling out at the start of deployment… and then pulling back in.

We hit land once and it was 79 days ago. Not that I’m counting.

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Day 116 at sea.

Back Day

Dead lift – 215x3 255x3 295x2 295x2 295x2 295x2

Pull ups – BWx5 25x5 25x4 25x4 BWx6

Bent Barbell Row – 135x10 155x8 185x8 25x6 225x6

Superset Wide Lat Pulldown / Narrow Lat Pull

100x10 120x10 140x10 140x10 160x8
100x10 120x10 140x10 140x10 160x8

Seated Row – 200x10 210x8 220x8 230x6 240x6

Switched over to the Sheiko app for Deadlift/Squats for ease of use and to try to get stronger because my deadlift/Squat numbers have gotten terrible. Hopefully my numbers start to go up before I get home. Nothing like Squatting on a moving ship!!

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Day 117 at sea.

Arm Day

Preacher Curl – 45x20 45x20 45x20 45x20 45x20

Dips – BWx10 45x10 55x10 70x8 90x8 BWx12

Hammer Curls – 25x20 25x20 25x20 25x20

Seated Dumbbell Skull Crushers – 90x10 95x8 100x8 110x6 110x6

Right bicep still feels weird. Going to go see the ship Doc tomorrow to see what’s up.

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Day 118 at sea.

Rest Day. Shoulders tomorrow. Goal is to hit the 130s for 6 on press.


Day 119 at sea.


Seated Bent Rear Delts – 25x10 30x8 35x8 35x8 40x6

Seat Lat Raise – 25x10 30x8 30x8 35x6 35x6

Unilateral Front Raise - 25x10 30x8 30x8 35x6 35x6

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 90x10 95x8 100x8 110x6 Failed 130lbs drop to 110x6

Rack Scrape Shoulder Press - 135x10 135x10 155x8 155x8

Barbell Shrug - 135x10 155x8 205x8 225x8

Row 15min at 2:05 pace
Bike 30min

Felt ok. Mad I missed my 130 attempt. I think I’ll just jump 5lbs at a time instead of the 20lb jump. I’ll try again in a few weeks. I wonder if my food intake is hurting attempts, they aren’t exactly giving us enough food for strength gains.


120 days at sea.

Work related rest day. Didn’t get to lift due to staying late. Leg day tomorrow.

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I hated the food underway and couldn’t/wouldn’t eat enough to grow.

121 days at sea.

No gym today either. Had meetings to attend during gym hours. Maybe I’ll be able to get back in the path tomorrow.

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