Looking for a Good Online TRT Doctor

Does anyone reccomend a good online TRT doctor?

Also looking to do Kisspeptin-10 as apart of my therapy.

I want to do it right under medical supervison.

Dr. Saya or Dr. Calkins of Defy Medical.


I second the recommendation.

Do they use Kisspeptin?

I have never heard of them using kisspepin. If Defy isn’t using it, it’s probably because there’s a little to no benefit.

Dr. Saya has commented before on the subject of trying to stimulate the pituitary while on TRT, he hasn’t seen any measurable pituitary functionality in men on Clomid, which is a very effective drug at stimulating the pituitary gland.

ok do you know if insurance covers it or is it expensive? How much a month?

No, Defy Medical doesn’t take insurance, cash only. A lot of these clinics, if they’re smart, want to get away with all insurance based care, too many roadblocks to treatment protocols.

How much depend on your needs, probably between $1500-$2000 per year.

Sounds very reasonable, I am paying $110 / week for Test C & HCG. I reached out to Defy but am hesitant with all the up coming changes in tele-medicine and online TRT clinics. I am located in Ca not Fl
Anyone with more knowledge on the subject feel free to chime in

Compare that to the typical $800 per month insurance premiums and it’s a bargain!

Purely anecdotal but clomid on 80-100mg of test weekly took my Lh and FSH from 0 to within (low end) range. I’m curious if it will keep it there

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Medicine, at least for me, has a more potent affect the first time I take it, but after a while the body finds normality.