Looking for a Cutting Cycle

Genetics play a large role here

99.9 percent of the avg populace will NEVER be able to place in an untested comp

Yes I agree with you there. I unfortunately am not blessed with good genetics. So even on gear I am just hoping to get 1st call outs. Which for me would be awesome and I would be thrilled with that. That is my goal.

My brother-in-law will never compete for that exact reason. He won’t ever use, and he won’t compete against untested guys. He’ll do a natty show eventually (his wife and I keep pushing him and he will give in at some point; wife always wins) but he isn’t enthusiastic about it because he knows that even in the natty shows there are guys who are geared up.

Lol im humbled @liverpool_96 I was pretty naive but placing top 15 out of 45 un-enhanced for me was an achievement. I was fucking peeled, a level of conditioning very hard to achieve on AAS, there’s seems to be a film of water you just can’t seem to shed no matter what you do while on AAS.