Libido Still Off 6 Months After PCT, Blood Count Inc

You are right. I should put a conclusion under this thread. First of all my biggest thank goes to @ztanzanite in this forum. I can never pay back the hope and advice that you gave me. Thanks to all others that supported me in this thread.

The reason why it took me so long to post a solution is that I haven’t really found one yet. To be frank my libido has never been like it was before tren. But it’s better now. I don’t want to entirly blame it on tren, since I believe other factors like aging also play a role.

Anyway here is my advice on how you can repair it in long term. It’s simple but I know most of you won’t like it:

  • Completely stop using steroids and any other medication.
  • Don’t try to fix it by using more steroids. It’s all about bringing your hormones back into balance.
  • Give the body time to heal. Believe it or not the body is very good at healing itself.
  • Relax and get your sleep right. The body heals during sleep.
  • Avoid stress. It has a significant impact on your hormones.
  • Get lean. Tren derivates might be able to store in your body fat for years.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Sort out any psychological cause. Pressure to perform in bed is the worst.
  • Of all the meds I tried only HCG and testosterone had positive effects temporarily.
  • Cialis doesn’t help anything in terms of libido, but in case you might get horny it can support your session in terms of confidence.
  • Try having sex. I know it’s said more easily than done. But my experience is, it can ignite the spark and get things back to normal.

I think that’s about it for now. I hope it doesn’t sound too weird and will help you guys out. We are all in this sport together with its ups and downs. Please share your expierences as well.