Lab Report- Need Help. Compounded T Cream

Hi all,

Been on TRT for approx 1 month. Following advice from this forum didn’t want to add an A.I till labs confirm needed. No HCG atm, but will add it In this year.
I’m using a compounded T cream- 150mg/ml which also has Sarms in it.
I’m applying the cream 7am and 7pm 0.5ml as directed but my blood test has me really confused! I did these tests two days apart.
1st test- Cream applied inner thigh 7am- test done at 8am
2nd Test- No cream applied except the night before. test done at 8am.

Has anybody got any idea as to why the 2nd test is higher even though no cream was applied?


Can’t say for sure but my hunch is that it has to do with the time it takes for your body to metabolize the test and also how fast / slow you absorb the cream in through your skin. My guess is that your absorption rate may be slowing down (not uncommon for cream applications) and that the first test was done before your body had a chance to make use of the previous dose. The second test reflected a different number because the cream had absorbed and was starting to go to work.

Best guess…lol

How are you FEELING?

You free t is way above range. Usually best to lower dose to control e2 if getting high e2 symptoms. Ai is a powerful medication b with sides.

Ahhh possibly! Just odd as the cream was applied the same time the night before on both tests.

Hmmm not 100% but a lot better. Still a bit of fatigue during the day n lack of motivation at time, but I’m assuming that will get better when all dialed in.

I know, that’s also a concern. Unfortunately with the cream it’s hard to adjust dose as it comes out 0.5ml per pump. The doc wanted me to go on compounded cream initially n review in December, but can provided injectable if needed.
No real E2 sides about from a bit of puffiness. I would have assumed at those T levels I would be flying though… Unfortunately not :rofl:

Time to hit the gym.

@theninja on the gains train

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Haha I got an In body Scan tomorrow so hopefully some gains!

@theninja, a “in” body scan…

Careful what you ask for, may sure he buys you dinner and know how to spit.

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Labs just confirm feelings. If the lab says your e2 is high, but you feel fine, don’t mess with e2.

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Thats right labs confirm all. It was awkward this morning but was a great morning. Woke the mrs up with thors hammer. Good 30min session, compared to my 2 minute wonders of late.

We to my doc and said i needed bloods NOW.

He why, i said well for one switching to ugl test and two having the best morning wood i have had in a long time. Need to see what my bloods are tilling me.

He didn’t quite get it.

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Hahaha love it! Very envious

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