Dios anybody know anything about this stuff? It is called Max Kre-Alkalyn, supposedly a PH Correct Creatine. It claims you do not need a loading period. Directions are 2 capsules daily or one hour before workout. Any info ont this would be great, thanks.

If you’re buying anything besides plain old micronized creatine monohydrate you’re wasting your money.

Two months on, noticed nothing. Kre should be spelled ‘Kra’ with a ‘p’ added.

Funny you should mention this as a study just came out proving this stuff was actually much LESS effective than regular creatine. Here is a review of the lit :

Kre-Alkalyn, marketed by All American Pharmaceutical and Natural Foods Corp. and sold by many obviously ignorant supplement companies, is promoted as being more stable and free from conversion into creatinine (a potentially dangerous creatine waste product). The truth �?? when compared to creatine monohydrate Kre-Alkalyn converted at a rate 35% greater than creatine monohydrate. In fact, creatine monohydrate had a conversion rate of less than 1%.

This study revealed that the very advantage that Kre-Alkalyn is marketed as having doesn’t exist at all. It’s nowhere near as stable as creatine monohydrate, degrades rapidly at a rate 35 times higher than creatine monohydrate and has no scientific evidence supporting it’s ability to help increase muscle, strength, or athletic performance.

Creatine-ethyl-ester (CEE) is a another scam we pointed out when the first bogus claims came out about it. I have seen claims of 4000% better absorption than creatine monohydrate - a number that had to have been pulled directly out of someone�??s ass. I say this because there is certainly no scientific study that show creatine-ethyl-ester has an absorption rate anywhere close to that of creatine monohydrate much less 4000% greater.

This study looked at two supplements with CEE. One product called CE2 from Medical Research Institute (MRI) and the other called CM2 Alpha from SAN Corporation. This study revealed that that creatine-ethyl-ester rapidly degrades in stomach acid leaving little to be absorbed (so much for the greater absorption claim). The creatine-ethyl-ester in CE2 degraded to a miserable 73% after just 30 minutes. The CM2 Alpha degraded to just 62% after 30 minutes and all the way down to a pathetic 11% after 2 hours. All the while creatine monohydrate remained over 99% available after 120 minutes.

According to this study creatine monohydrate is statistically over 900% more efficient than creatine-ethyl-ester. 900%! Theoretically you would have to consume 9 times as much creatine-ethyl-ester to get the same amount of creatine delivered to your muscles as you get with creatine monohydrate.[/quote]

Here is the study:

Thankyou very much! Glad I asked about it before I started taking it.