Keven Garnett

Just finished watching Kevin Garnett single handly finish off the Kings in game 7. Kevin Garnett is the best player in the league and now will showcase his talent in the western conference finals against the Lakers. Predicitions for that series? Biggest problem is that Minnesota has no one to stop Shaq.

Lakers in 4. Already planning the parade route.

Hit Garnett with a body shot though, and he goes right down. Haha. He did step up and play like an MVP should in a big game. I see the Lakers winning the next series though. They’ve pulled out some tough, ugly games, and it seems like the playoffs have been getting tougher and uglier. Is anyone in any remaining playoff game this year going to score over a hundred? Oh yeah, about sam cASSell. Should anyone that ugly talk that much trash? Can’t wait to see him and Fisher flopping all over each other.

I hope Garnett can carry his boys for one more series. I hate the Lakers!

While I don’t think the T’Wolves will finish off the Lakers in the series, I do think they will make it a lot more interesting than people are giving them credit for.

And while I think that Phil Jackson deserves near-God status… the rest of that team really pisses me off, and I hope they get their ass handed to them by the time its all said and done.

KG isnt the best, he could be as he the most gifted. But the best player in the league is Tim Duncan by far. He alone can carry a team of stiffs, an unpredictable point gaurd and nbdl benchwarmers into contention. While garnett couldnt do shit for seven straight years without sam i am and the insane supporting cast he has today.

Lakers in 6.

I hope KG and the wolves can beat the lakers, I hate shaq and the lakers. Pistons and Wolves in the finals. GO PISTONS