Job Interview

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hardgnr wrote:

I went for an interview recently(security). I was just going to dress smart casual because that seemed appropiate. However I changed my mind and put on a tie and all that shit. All the other guys applying there had t-shirts and jeans and guess who got the job - me. Turns out the job paid $40/hour on weekends with 12 hour shifts, definately something I didn’t expect.

what the fuck kind of security job has you making 40/hour?[/quote]

Possibly overtime and a half on weekends.

id say screw shaving, just buzz it or do watever you do before you go, but id recommend not wearing jeans, at least wear sometihng with a collar and khakis or sometihng a little more dressy

Thanks dear for all your advices and support but i want to know more details related to your matter

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