Introduction and First Cycle

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i’ll echo a couple things that others have said…

cycle looks good for the most part. as far as HCG, you don’t need to run it EOD (once a week is generally fine for most guys)… you’re just including it to minimize testicular atrophy. with that being said, HCG will keep your testes active, which means additional aromatization.

having an AI available until you get gyno is a serious mistake. when you get gyno, that means you have 1) too much estrogen, which is triggering the gyno and b)gyno, which you need to treat as well. either get bloodwork on cycle to gauge when/if you need an AI, or just start it at a low dose from the start…

a lot of guys do PCT for 4 weeks, for some reason (which i clearly don’t agree with, unless it’s for short cycles). you’re gonna be suppressed for like 14 weeks, so it’s quite presumptuous that 4 weeks is going to be sufficient in bringing your HPTA back up to snuff. most of the SERMs have been shown to be extremely effective in 6 weeks, and some work even longer than that.


Thanks for your input, cyco. I appreciate it.

My idea about the EOD or 3x times per week for hCG comes from the thought that injecting hCG more often mimics more the natural release of LH in the body. And injecting more often, reduces the dosis per injection and therefore the chance of aromatization. That is at least the idea behind from myself.

I see indeed a lot of guys running an AI, but my thought behind not directly using an AI is that I’d like to see how sensitive I am to symptoms of too much estrogen, maybe I don’t need an AI at all while using 500mg of test and 500-750iu of hCG on a weekly basis. My idea is that if I directly add an AI, I will not know if I really need an AI for such a cycle. I prefer not to take too much stuff for my first cycle. AI’s will put extra “stress” on the liver, of course.

A possible solution is of course that I could get some blood work in during my cycle. And check only: total test, free test + E2 to check if I need an AI. Since at the moment I don’t feel like running an AI directly for preventive measures.

At what E2 should I take Aromasin at 12,5-25mg ED or 0,25-0,5mg A-dex EOD?

Thanks for the PCT idea of 6 weeks, but I hardly see people having an 6 weeks PCT on a test-only cycle. What I do see is that some start the first 2 weeks on 40mg ED and last 2 weeks on 20mg ED.

What’s your opinion about that?

if you think i’m wrong, then do it how you think will work. but don’t blow me off and expect me to explain it again…