Increased dosage but my levels have dropped

In July of 2023 my total test was 1135 on 200 mg a week. Ive tested it twice the last couple months and total test has been around 850 and free test has been around 250 on 250 mg a week. Is it a pharmacy issue or could my body just like 200 mg a week better? Any input is appreciated

Isolated changes in SHBG can increase or decrease Total T, since SHBG is a function of Total T. Larger doses of androgens suppresses SHBG, the higher amount of androgens, the more suppressive effect on SHBG.

This is the likely cause of your change in Total T.

Your Free T would have gone up while Total T gone down because the dose response has to go somewhere.

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Were the blood tests the same time relative to your last injection?


I doubt it is a pharmacy issue, assuming it is not coming from some underground source.

Absorption can fluctuate. The timing of the blood draw relative to your injection could also be a factor.

If you are feeling good, I would not worry about it.


Probably a timing issue

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