Ideal FT Range?

I’ve heard some members in the past mention 30-40+

Let’s keep this simple - just ideal range for you guys, not looking to discuss symptoms or anything of mine.

More is better for me. everyone says “TRTdose should be increased until you get the most symptom relief”. If that were true I would be on 2+ grams of testosterone per week.

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You want the most free T without having to donate blood every three months.
Depending on your position on AI’s you want the most free T without over ranging your E2.
It really is that simple.
The more free T I have in my system the more I can push at the gym before failure. But this is not TRT this crossing over to the dark side. haha


I hear you. My hct is in range but definitely near the top of it.

Been trying to lower my dose a bit, but it’s overlapping with some “emergency” mental health med changes that are probably causing me more grief. I can’t imagine 168mg to 154mg of T being that hard of a drop though (like when I went from 200 to 150).

I don’t know where your SHGB is? If you can lower that you can get away with a lot less T while cruising or on your normal TRT protocol. I started blasting twice a year for the last 3 years and it took my SHGB down from 34 to 16. I over range my free T (and E2) now on 100mg/wk T cyp. Check it out… I am probably the only guy on this forum taking 100mg/wk and should be taking anastrozole for his thru the roof E2 which you know is Free E2…very bad ;-(