I Am Not F&cked: A Log About Hope

Thighs split

A1) Leg Press: (warm up sets) 270lbs X8, 360lbs x10, X10, 380lbs X10, x10
B1) Lying Leg Curl: 120lbs x10, X8, x8
C1) Smith Machine Elevated Forward Lunge skipped
D1) Seated Leg Extension: 160lbs X10, X10, x10
E1) Lateral Lunge bodyweight (plus 20lbs goblet) X10, X10 (ea)
F1) Dumbbell RDL’s: 70lbs ea X10, X10, x10

Air Assault Bike: 20 sec sprints, 40 sec coast, 6 min

Dog walk later 60 min



A1) Dips (Bodyweight) X10, x7, x5
A2) Single Leg Calf Raise w/pause and heel drop X15, X15, x10 (ea)
B1) Seated Dumbbell OH Presses 30lbs (ea) X10, 55lbs (ea) x7 X5, 45lbs (ea) x10
C1) Seated Straight Leg Calf Raise Machine: 235lbs X10, X9, x8
D1)Single Leg Anterior Tibialis Raises w/ band (thick aqua green thick band) Seated X30, X30 ea

Workouts getting shorter, eating getting worse.


I am 6 months out from a SI joint fusion R/S and a three level laminectomy
L3, L4, L5-S1, and have be careful about lifting free weights. There is still something going on we haven’t nailed down yet, so I have to be really careful what and how I lift.
I also have a left shoulder Rotator Cuff that is not surgically reparable.My right shoulder Rotator cuff is messed up and could likely use surgery, but I am not in a position to have surgery on my right at this point. I do limited upper body work, but at least I go the gym. When I get some logs worth posting

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A1) Chin-ups BWT x11, x8, x7, x5, x4
B1) Seated Hammer Oblique Abs Crunch Machine: 25lbs X10 fwd, right, left ea: x10
C1) Preacher E-Z Bar Reverse Curls (Narrow) 50lbs X10, X8, x8
D1) Decline Sit-up: BWT x10, x8, x7
E1) Standing Low Cable 3-way Biceps Curls (Two handles) 25lbs wide grip (facing away)X10, narrow grip (facing towards) X10, medium grip facing away X10 super set, 2 rounds
F1)Hanging Knees to Chest Tuck (Wide Grip) skipped

Busy week of work and family BBQ, getting together and cleaning. I took a few walks but missed lifting heavy weights. My inspiration to work out hard (and for life in general) seems to be in the toilet again. I have a vacation week coming up to re-set at the end of the month.

I have been drinking, a few beers every night. It’s not really helping anything but being home with the family is great this time of year.


Thighs split

A1) Leg Press: (warm up sets) 270lbs X8, 360lbs x6, x8, X10
B1) Lying Leg Curl: 115lbs x10, X8, x8
C1) Smith Machine Elevated Forward Lunge skipped
D1) Seated Leg Extension: 160lbs X10, X10, x10
E1) Lateral Lunge bodyweight (plus 20lbs goblet) X10, X10 (ea)
F1) Dumbbell RDL’s: 70lbs ea X10, X10, x10

Air Assault Bike: 20 sec sprints, 40 sec coast, 7 min

I am feeling ridiculously weak in my legs, probably from more infrequent workouts. I especially felt it on the leg press today despite my normal warm up sets.

Times for a new program me thinks. I’m thinking a full body split with a lot of newer movements, 3x per week with some continued HIIT and cardio sessions.



I am experimenting with a few new lifts mixed with some current ones. I’m trying to find tune two full body lift sessions where I hit every muscle group about at least 3x a week.

A1) Pull ups (shoulder width) Bwt x7, x6, x7
B2) Smith machine forward elevated split squats (4 inch) 50lbs plus bar x8, x8, x8 ea
C1) Soleus raises: 50lbs X12, X12, x10
D1) Flat dumbbell bench press: 70lbs (ea) x7, x8, x8
E1) Lying dumbbell curls (30 degree incline): 25lbs each X10, X10, x10
F1): Hanging knee tuck X10, x8, x8

Diet has been shit. I try tracking for 2 days then give up. Mental health not much better. I’m soothing now with beer and ice cream. The maintenance diet plan has officially been neglected. Does some part of me think I deserve this? Does some part of me not care?


Some of you does care. You would not be in the gym otherwise. You have done better than me. I have a food journal with one day filled in.

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The fact you know its off the rails shows you are aware of it and you know its not helping. Doing something about it is the next step but as we all know actually doing it can be hard. Is there something specific that is triggering the poor food choices or desire to go off plan ? If you can identify the stressors then it maybe possible to come up with a different strategy to deal with it.

Tagging @QuadQueen because when it comes to food and strategies she is way more knowledgeable than me.

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I think it’s okay to be confused about what you want. Back to “the goal is to make the goal the goal.” What do you want most?

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If you’re using food to deal with mental/emotional stuff - then the first order of business is to deal with the mental and emotional stuff.

My suggestions for how to maybe help you combat the urges in the moment would be to not let the trigger foods enter your house. If you don’t bring them in, they’re harder to get when you feel like you need/want them. Also, remember the Food Won’t Fix It. Post that reminder on your refrigerator, pantry/cabinet doors - wherever you need to see it. And look for other ways to divert your attention - take a walk, call a friend, read a book, do a crossword puzzle - anything to take your mind off of food.

I wish I could give you some tips to just fix it - but that’s gonna take some thoughtful, hard and quite possibly painful work on your end. You need to face the tough stuff - not stuff the tough stuff.

You’re worth the effort - believe that.

Thank you, @Friedrich @simo74 @EmilyQ @QuadQueen for the sage advice. Some of this I know on an intuitive level, some advice from trial and error. I don’t have a great answer yet, but I will ponder the great questions. On one level, I feel great working out (until a few hours later) and the feeling of losing fat and measuring the loss gives me great satisfaction. The stronger feeling I battle is, to what end? Am I just working to lose weight to feel more drained, live a few more years, and get a few compliments? I never had a 6-pack in my 45 years, but had that goal many times. I often wonder, did I put that goal in my head because I really think that will make me feel great in some way, or because that’s what society tricked me to believe? Also- I can’t tell where I am rewarded with more energy. When I eat whatever I want, or when I am strict with nutrition and a slight calorie deficit?

I’m at a point of conflict with my own feelings. I don’t always feel this way and often (seem to) have more clarity. Sorry to vent. Trying to process the garbage in there.


Don’t be sorry to vent! We all have these same internal battles. Know that you’re not alone and that we’re all here to help and support you!!

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Venting is good. Some people run mile after mile, why? I see mobs of cyclists on the weekends dressed like they are riding the Tour, why? I sat in a folding chair yesterday for two hours with a trout rod in my hand floating bait. I did not catch a goddamned fish. I have lifted or practiced resistance training for 45 years. I have never competed, benched 300+ only twice in that time, and once someone called me a narcissist because I strength trained. We do what we do. Enjoy the journey.

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I hope you can find an answer to “Why?”

Here in the last third of my life, I focus on not being a burden to my loved ones from poor health, having the potential to be physically useful and to put off morbidity until as late as possible.

But I also just inherently love training.


Are you still taking your minerals?