How would a Pro Bodybuilder do in MMA?

Just for the record Rorion Gracie who weighs about 170 pounds and is about 6’1 challenged Tyson to a no rules, no time limit fight in the late 80’s early 90’s when Tyson was in his prime. of coarse the money couldnt match what he was used to, but it just goes to show that if Rorion challenged him back then, as basically a skinny, almost one dimentinal fighter than today after tyson has lost alot of his skill, speed, and most importantly confidence, todays no rules fighters would make short work of him. Sakuraba is still around, he hasnt gone anywhere he just isnt fighting as regularly. the best boxers fight maybe at the most 3 times a year, how come people expect these guys to fight every month? he is limited to fighting in Japan only because he is afraid of airoplanes, lol. back to the Tyson thing, if you watch the early UFC’s with Rocie Gracie walkng out to the octagon, Rorion is walking in from of him, so if someone that small was making a genuine challenge then i would have to believe in the smaller guy because they are either really good or really stoopid, i tend to believe good. also, there was a unoficial fight in Rio De Janeiro a far while ago between a guy named Zulu and Rickson, that was a real no rules fight, only no bitting from the looks of my tape, but eye gauging was allowed, this guy Zulu was an animal, i thought people like him were only reall in movies, i would bet all my money on him against tyson, but Rickson beat him. im not really a fan of the Gracies, but tyson fight would be a joke in my opinion.