How Does this Diet Look for Bulking?

I’m a rugby player and was just wondering if there are any improvements I can make on this diet to become bigger and stronger… if I’m not sure of the exact measurements so will just say large, small etc…
I weigh 118kg at the moment, my aim is to be 121kg.

Breakfast - 9am
4 eggs
4 slices wholemeal bread
oats, whole milk, banana, creatine mixed… big bowl.

mid morning snack - 11am
2 slices wholemeal bread w/ peanut butter & jelly
200g deli meat (ham, beef etc)
OR sushi around 20 pieces

Lunch - 1pm
Previous night’s dinner…
so brown rice, brown pasta w/ steak, mince, red meats…

Preworkout - 3pm
Standard pre workout shake… Jack3d or whatever it is

Postworkout - 5pm
‘Big shake’
4 scoops Weight gainer powder (whole serving), 400 ml whole milk, banana, shitload of oats, creatine

Dinner - 7-9pm… varies around training
Brown rice or pasta, beef, mince
Veggies… carrots, sweetcorn, carrot, onion
2-3 eggs
w/ oats & whole milk mixed for desert

Before bed - 11pm - 12am
‘Little shake’
2 scoops (1/2 serving), 200 ml whole milk, banana, oats, creatine

8hrs+ sleep.

I will also drink around 4 litres of water daily and around 2 litres of whole milk

Any amendments or recommendations would be much appreciated.

How many total calories is that?

My first reaction is that your proposed diet is extremely carb-heavy.

Personally, I would

-Lose the weight gainer powder
-Increase protein to 1.5-2g/lb of bodyweight
-Increase veggies
-Increase fats a lot (many more eggs)
-Decrease carbs
-stop pissing your money away with Jacked

I guess what I’m saying is that I think your diet would allow you to gain weight, but a lot of it would be stored as fat.