Hillary Clinton for VP


It’s unfortunate that you opened your mouth and clearly made my point. Let me reiterate.

Shut it.

Kerry will not win regardless of who he picks. So who fucking cares?

A “practicing catholic,” who is pro choice and supports gay marriage? That’s pretty rich.

Basically, his campaign is based on opportunistic swipes at the current adminsitration. How creative.


I’m not good at doing what I’m told Jack…

Thanks for the open discussion.

Me Solomon Grundy

I really do think that Richardson would be the perfect VP for Kerry-

  1. He’s a Clinton Democrat, and will appeal to that faction of the party.
  2. As a Republican, I admire him. He’s a classic liberal, in the sense that he understands what the Laffer curve means and acually ran on cutting taxes to stimulate tax revenue.
  3. He is Latino.
  4. He ultimately will help move the Kerry ticket toward the middle.

I bet she’s good in the sack.

Are you kidding? I bet she’s amazing.

Whoever gets the nod for VP has to be someone who could become president themselves, if something happened to the Prez.

I’m thinking Dick Gephardt or Joe Biden.

Can’t wait to see the Bush-Kerry debates!!!

Hey Vroom,

So you lived on the upper east coast, the southwest coast, and Texas? So what is the culture like in German west Pennsylvania, Dutch west Michigan, the Sioux Indian reservations, Abilene Kansas, rural Montana, Arab Detroit, a barrio in LA, Talahassee Florida, Juneau Alaska, Appalachia, the French bayous of Lousiana, Polish areas in Chicago, small-town South Carolina, Vail Colorado, northern Maine, the projects in St. Louis, Scandanivian parts of Minnesota, Annapolis Maryland, Bucyrus Ohio, and the Panhandle in Texas? Since you have a handle on “street level America”, or at least street level America in your neighborhood in New England, California, and Texas, I would like to know how the culture, politics etc. are in these places. I mean, I’ve got that Americans aren’t spending enough time outside of their “little boundaries”, so while I go live abroad (again), I thought you might fill me in on these locales.

Throw this in with your other generalizations about Americans: (“The ignorance and attitude you possess is truly one of the downfalls of the American situation. Look at the world outside your little boundaries. Leave the cave…” ): Whenever someone makes a sweeping statement about Americans, it usually shows how little they understand America.

Hey Pansy:
Tallahassee (where I live right now) has two “L”'s bro. :slight_smile:

And for vroom’s edification: we are QUITE southern down here, so take yer Canookishness and stuff it, hippie. You don’t know shit about us except how to beat us at hockey. Hehehe

lucid: You are a kook sometimes, but that KFC picture was funny as hell!!

Whatever happened to that US=GG dude that always ended every post with “vote Hillary in 2008” or whatever?