Hey T-Men how many of you like to get...

Hey you T-men-first off I’m straight-and this is an honest question-how many T-men like to get anally manipulated by women-I love nothing better than as my old lady is going down on me,than her doodling my ballon knot-drives me bonkers-even gone as far as to penetrate me with a thin object-what about it T-men and T-vixens do you girls like doing this?


hahahahahahaha…you for real?


Ok guys, now I KNOW I’m opening up the floodgates for flames here, but this guy isn’t necessarily gay, isn’t necessarily weird, and isn’t by any means alone. Believe it or not, this is a very common sexual practice among heterosexual men. It does not make one gay, nor does it make one a pervert. While it may be far from the mainstream practices of the majority of straight American males (myself included), it isn’t at all unheard of. Believe it or not, lots of guys, HETEROSEXUAL guys, actually enjoy a little poking and prodding around their backdoors by a female lover.

Prostate massages are offered as a sexual service in brothels all over the world. Are the men who pay for this service gay? Undoubtedly some may be closet homosexuals who cannot come to terms with their desires and thus pay a woman to act as a surrogate male lover. But this does not make all men who enjoy this gay. We are socially conditioned to think of only certain parts of our anatomy as “proper” erogenous zones, when in fact the ENTIRE body can be considered one. Let’s remember that a few decades ago the mere EXISTENCE of the female orgasm was a hotly contested topic among American medical professionals. Now it’s existence is, with few exceptions, universally accepted. Having posted this (and doing so with the only screen name I’ve ever, and will ever, use) I want to make a few things clear. I have not, nor do feel the desire to, engage in this practice. I state this not because I feel the need to justify my own sexual practices as normal (actually, I don’t give a flying you-know-what what anyone thinks), rather I want everyone to understand that I’m offering an objective viewpoint. Second, the actions of mature, consenting adults that occur behind closed doors that do not involve children or animals is no one’s concern but their own. MWR, if you get off on this, I won’t fault you for it. And no one else can either. Just don’t expect a whole bunch of hands to go up in the air and a chorus of “me too’s”. This ain’t exactly the stuff you bring up in the locker room.

Tell your gf to leave your prostate alone!

It does not make one gay, nor does it make one a pervert.<

That’s your opinion, buddy! No, actually I don’t see the guy as a homosexual. I see him as bisexual/curious. Anyone who likes a penetrated asshole, no matter what their reason, is a guy who loves penis. That’s just my opinion, but it seems pretty reasonable to me.

Ya that is pretty sick, if it’s going from fingers to ‘thin objects’, you know whats gonna come next.

I beleive Avoid Roids has stated he likes his wife to probe him with a strap-on!

OK - MWR, gotta admire your cajones for your question. Demo - at least you took him seriously and your comments were quite correct with regards to the commonplace nature of this activity in the sex industry.

As for the others: I have several Gay friends who don’t like Anal sex - guess that would make the closet straight guys huh?

And gee, women who like it up the butt must really want to be gay guys; or is it OK to like it up your butt if you’re a woman, just so long as it doesn’t threaten the masculinity of the guy giving it to you…maybe it’s a subconscious transferrance thing.

Christ people; whatever turns you on. BFD. Then again, I bet a lot of you think going down on a woman is anathema [sorry Nate if I have offended your religion grin].

Some of you are showing your ingnorance. I have taken some classes on human sexuality and have picked up some interesting tidbits. Ultimately as humans we like to participate in actions that give pleasure. What is pleasurable to one is not necessarily true for others. Consider this, not all gay men like anal stimulation. Hard to believe, and it is a minority, but nontheless true. According to some posters who reason-pleasure from anal stimulation = gay. How do you explain the gay men who do not get off in the “traditional” gay fashion. Also, why are certain behaviors considered gay? What about anal sex with your girlfriend? Is this merely subconscious homosexual feelings that have begun to manifest itself. It could be argued that anal sex is “unatural” and therefore makes someone a sexual deviant. Which is what many ignorant people consider homosexuals to be. I do not think that enjoying anal stimulation necessarily makes a person homosexual. Something to consider, does your girlfriend like oral sex? What is the primary lesbian sex act-oral sex. Does this make the woman homosexual. I think not.
I know i will likely be BBQed for this response, called gay, freak, whatever. Be that as it may, I had to throw in my opinion. Just one other thing, I feel no need to spend an entire paragraph justifying my heterosexuality.

not homosexual, not bi-curious…this is more common than most would think. This guy is simply more comfortable with his sexuality than a lot of the respondents to his post are. Only when you are completely secure with yourself and your companion can you allow yourself to experience all of the pleasures of sex. By being ignorant and insecure, you are depriving yourself of sensations that are way above and beyond what you have so far experienced. This guy is a lucky man to have a companion that shares his sexual freedom…enjoy!

I like my precious asshole to perform its role as one-way valve as much as possible.

My ass is exit only, but I have had anal sex with a few women. Now, I do have some friends who are into a little “ass play” every now and again. And no, they are not gay. So just because someone enjoys some ass play, it doesn’t make them gay.

All you guys calling the open-minded folks in here homos and such have obviously never recieved a rimjob from a fine looking lady.

All right, I’m the furthest thing from gay. I think gay sex is morally repugnant and disgusting. That being said, there is nothing I like better than having my hairy armpitted girlfriend dress up like a man and do me doggy style with her anaconda-sized strap on dildo. But homosexuality? It’s wrong! I hear it says so in the bible! BTW- does anyone know if Jason R Baran is single? My, uh, friend, really thinks he’s cute…


Anything up to the first knuckle is fine, anything past the first knuckle is questionable. lol. I’m not a fan of this insertion stuff, but I do know people who like that stuff, and if ya like it, have fun then. I personally don’t mind a little -pressure- there from the girl as I’m about to shoot a load. I guarantee you shoot the craziest loads like that. Hey, come to think of it, remember that kid from road trip or american pie- the one with the nurse jamming her hand up his ass?

I think you invented the entire question just to say “ballon knot” :slight_smile:

This is absolutely disgusting. I hope I never see another post like this again.