Hematocrit + T levels up, despite lowering dose, need help

Thank you. I think I will go ahead with the logic + known data that lowering dose + increasing frequency will lower my HCT, so now I will do EOD injections of a total of 100mg, hopefully this works.

I’ve also seen a lot of people swearing by Naringin to lower their hematocrit. Seeing my level is 64% I’ll also add that to my routine.

Actually…considering my very high hematocrit and FT levels, I think I’ll switch to EOD injections of a total of 80mg

At what point does reducing dose negate the benefit of being on TRT to begin with?

I am still extremely thankful for all the benefits I get of TRT, so for me at least, that point has not been reached. If I start to feel unmotivated, have a lack of energy, and my libido will drop I’d be back to square one and in that case it would negate the benefit. I think there are numerious examples of people doing well on 80mg, by the way.

In my own personal experience going SQ alleviates a lot the issues mentioned here. That is just my own personal experience.

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Thanks, I’ll go that route as well.

When I tried it before in higher doses, I had lumps of oil under my skin, but for now with the lower dose, it doesn’t seem to be that prominent.

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Who do you donate through?

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Hopefully it works out for you

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