Heart Palpitations from Every Omega-3 Pill?

so in my whole life when i have started taking something omega3, whatever oil or anykind of pills, it takes 3-5 days and i start getting heart palpitations, this seems to be pretty common from fast googling. What i should take?. I am getting realy tired of all “fat is good for your healt” does not realy feel good when your heart is dripping.

Even with 2 normal “food spoons” daily, makes this every time i start some.

Just don’t take any ?


Wow,… healthy fats are part of basic macronutrients present in all foods, so that’s crazy if indeed they are the reason for your palpitations. I’m no doctor, but I suppose any type of food allergy can produce similar reactions.

First guess is to obtain healthy fats form another source simply to ascertain if it’s the macro that causes you some issues (which, again, is odd because they’re called essential fats for a reason). Of course I’d recommend seeing a doctor or actual RD regardless, because I’d want to know just what’s going on if it were me.


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