HCG causing ED, but not due to high E2?

Hi all,

Currently on TRT 100mg per week daily Test P with a slin pin. Added HCG at 500iu EOD to become fertile 3 months ago. Within 3 weeks, noticably worse erections (only really 50-60%). Suspected high E2 but it wasnt, got bloods done and E2 was top of the ref range, along with Total and Free T.

Does anyone know what the mechanism would be where HCG causes this? Ive heard somwhere that it also increases Estrone, which can be the culprit, but im not sure.

It seems in many, HCG improves sexual function, but for some, it seems to completely throw things off. Sensivity is also alot worse. Does anyone know why this happens to some?


LH receptors were meant to be stimulated in a pulsatile fashion. With hCG, now youā€™re getting a lot more stimulation that you would otherwise not get naturally. HCG also increases cortisol, perfect for a man with TRT induced low cortisol.

HCG also increases many other hormones that are disrupted due to the HPTA shut down.

Not to derail the thread, but why are you on Prop?

Interesting, thanks. Just interesting why some men are fine with it and others are not!

No problem at all, happy you have taken the time to post. I spent 4 years on long esters, all daily protocols as was told that was the ā€˜thing to doā€™. Never felt anything from that and didnt feel good generally, so switched to daily prop as I heard anecdotally some fair better, certainly sexually, on daily Prop. In fairness, I never tried long esters on how theyre actually supposed to be used i.e once a week, so worth trying I guess.


No problem.

I tried prop once and the PIP was crippling for me (Iā€™m likely just a pussy), hence the inquiry.

I used HCG for a short period but it got my numbers sideways, and I already had kids, so I got off of it.


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