Have a Look at These Results?

Hi all,

I’ve been suffering the symptoms of Low T for years, but due to been stubborn have only recently been to seek professional help in regards to it.

I’m been referred to a Urologist who has said that my problems are not Low T related.

I had been for some blood tests prior to the referral, my GP ordered the same tests done twice on seperate days.

The results are

1st test

Androgens (serum)

Testosterone 9.7 (10.0 - 35.0 nmol/L)
SHBG 12 (10 - 50 nmol/L)
Free T 278 (225 - 725 pmol/L)
FAI 80.8 (20.0 - 160.0

Hormones (serum)
FSH 3U/L (<9)
LH 3 U/L (<8)

Second Test

Androgens (serum)

Testosterone 8.5 (10.0 - 35.0 nmol/L)
SHBG 11 (10 - 50 nmol/L)
Free T 252 (225 - 725 pmol/L)
FAI 77.3 (20.0 - 160.0

Hormones (serum)
FSH 2 U/L (<9)
LH 2 U/L (<8)

Other factoids about me. 24 years old, 195cm tall, 132kg. Very active Inline Hockey goalie, been weight lifting for 10 years, diet is generally pretty good, don’t do a whole lot of cardio.

Symptoms I’ve had for many years;

  • Mood swings for no apparent reason
  • Irritable
  • Snap over very small things
  • Sweat badly at night
  • Poor sleep, struggle to sleep at all some nights
  • Complete and utter lack of libido, as in nothing. Got married 5 months ago, and the wedding night was a disaster
  • Very hard to concentrate at work, some days the mind is foggy
  • Irrespective of what I do in a gym I struggle to lose weight, I’ve been 125kg - 130kg for years
  • Don’t put on muscle mass, and strength gains are horribly slow.

Now With the weight and strength, that’s all secondary to the libido and general health issues, their more important to me to get fixed.

The Urologist, even the the testosterone is under the bench mark on 2 separate tests has said that it is not the cause of my problems, has put me on Cialis to 3 weeks to see if that does anything and has ordered an Ultrasound of the testes, another round of blood tests, a fertility test (as the wife and I have been trying to conceive for about 2 years) and is check with endocrinologists to see what needs to be done prior to seeing them if we come up blank with the above.

I’ve spoken with many other guys who were in my same position who all said that the only thing that helped was TRT, they we tested and check for everything under the sun before the doctors finally agreed to TRT.

I’m hoping someone here could have a look and give their opinion, am I stressing for nothing, is it my head? Is the Urologist correct and there is something else wrong with me?

I’m at my whits end with all this, life is miserable now.

Yes I have seen a psychologist who has assured me that there isn’t anything mental causing my issues.

Thyroid is suspect with the sweating at night…check body temperature in the morning and mid afternoon.

Shbg is pretty low and because of this and the stress I’m curious about the adrenals and the thyroid. Any history of type 1 diabetes in your family or diabetes in general?

This is a very basic amount of labs and an endocrinologist who can tell you what’s wrong with this is guessing.

Urologist is an idiot.

If the testies weren’t work lh would be elevated in most cases. This would be primary hypo.

Seems to me you have something else going on and I don’t think it’s a testosterone problem on its own…

Can you afford to run labs on your own?

Otherwise read the lab testing sticky and order all the labs suggested

Read the advice for new guys sticky

Report back and edit your first post and answer the questions so we could better help you


I had another set of tests done prior to those, i’ll find them results and post them up tonight. It was a more general test, liver function, Thyroid and a few other things.

No history of diabetes in the family, mother has hypothyroidism and father has hypertension.

Have you ever considered a holistic approach?

I believe a naturopath or homeopath may be able to get your body working on its own again.

This could be as simple as heavy metals

Or as complicated as Lyme disease

Those are just 2 things in a big world of issues people have but I believe a holistic approach may be a good one for you