Gotta Make a Proper Diet

Hello everyone, Im a bit stuck at diet, I kinda wanted to lose belly fat but I think Im doing it wrong in my past of gym I already lost 44lbs, I believe it’s time to go back up a bit and if it’s possible with mostly muscle mass. So I will need help.
Im 25 old male
98 KG aka 216lbs
187CM aka 6’1 (if internet is correct)

So somehow i realised im going offroad with all this and made massive deficit of calories which i dont like, so i fixed my diet a bit (yeh im not drinking alco, snacks, junk food etc etc) but what im trying to do is to reach 3000 calories per day and see if im going up or down and adjust from there.
So my diet at the moment looks like this
Greek Yogurt
3x eggs
2dl of milk

200g of chicken meat, salad
(gotta add some carbs here or something?)

Before training
Rest of the chicken meat aka 200g of it
Whey proteins 1 scoop

Greek Yogurt
Whey proteins 1 scoop

Together with my math
1556 kcal - which is horrible
217.2g Proteins - it’s like 2g per 1 kilo of my weight, I think thats nice
20.2g Carbs - Well not sure about carbs (build muscle avoid gaining fat?)
43g Fat

soo in parcentages based on 3000 calories should be something like this
25% from proteins is 750 kcal which is 187.5g of proteins per day
35% from fats is 1050 kcal which is 116.6g of fat per day
rest should be from carbs which is 40% - 1200 kcal and that’s 300g of carbs

So can anyone help me out to do proper healthly diet to reach progress at weights? (still gotta do gym plan tho)

3000 calories a day with a decent macro distribution

Here’s an other alternative,

Thank you for fast response; well I eat and don’t eat some of that, but I think that gave me some picture to mix some more stuff into my diet to reach more calories, I dont have problem to eat, but what to eat :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: TBSP means tablespoon ?

Yes, maps to about 10-15g.

Thank you
Managed to get this:
Kcal 2930
Proteins 278.4g
Carbs 276.1g (mostly oats / brown rice, some fruit, brown toast)
M 84.3g ( avocado added)

So my plan is to reduce a bit of carbs? And add more fat like olive oil and nuts ? to reach 100+ fats and approx 230 carbs or something like this? so I will run this nutrition for week or two to see how my weight will respond, will be steady, will go up or down, and from that i will try my best to make nutrition plan for rest days. Hope it will work, Will post results here if I will remember ^^

Just so you know, if you hop from 1500 calories to 3000 calories you absolutely will gain weight.

Im kinda avare of that, gotta make plan that most of that will be muscles

I don’t know what state you are in mentally after having lost the weight that you have lost. Some manage looking in the mirror after they introduce more food into their diet, whilst others will suffer greatly as they construe the initial bloating (it goes away) as a rapid increase in fat mass.

If you have the patience you could first go to 2k calories for a week, then the next go to and hold 2.5-2.7k calories until your weight seems stable. And then go to 2.8-3k if you start losing weight.

Yeh but honestly 1.500 calories was way to low and i guess unhealthly to go on with, i could actually try 2.000-2500 to see whats up. Whats your opinion on carbs for planning muscle mass? Should i just remove most of the carbs?

sorry im not giving enough info tho, my plan looks like this, started with it today, want to complete it till next week so I can start.

1x Whey
50g Oats with 2-3dl milk
2 slices of brown toast
Greek yogurt
3x eggs

Meal (if I wouldnt have time to eat it I would add it to lunch)
1x Slice of brown toast

200g of chicken
Brown rice 50g
Salad with olive oil

Pre workout (1h before)
rest of the chicken aka 200g or solomon
50g Oats

After Workout
2x Whey

3x Eggs (planning to switch it for cottage cheese / curd)
Brown Rice 50g (planning to remove it)
Greek Yogurt

so all together it’s something like this:
Kcal 2930
P 278.4g
Carbs 276.1g
Fats 84.3g

I agree.

Do. Or do 2500 on training days and 2000 on non-training days.

My opinion is just my opinion.

My opinion is no. Some people manage to put on muscle mass without carbs. It’s usually easiest to do with carbs. What you do in the gym will also matter, and you’ve written nothing about that.

Your ideal carbohydrate intake will depend on a lot of things. Activity level. Body composition. How anal you are comfortable being. Find something that works okay, and then make minor adjustments from there.

I’ll quote someone I respect that said it better than me,

I don’t want to critique your plan too much. I want you to think on your own. Here are some questions to guide you,

  • Meal 2 looks a bit light in protein, could you “borrow” from somewhere else?
  • Do you feel you’ll have had adequate time to digest your pre-workout meal as to not cause you discomfort or detract from your training session?
  • Do you like brown rice? Or do you prefer white rice?
  • Could you include any additional carb sources as to not have three servings of bread each day? You don’t have to restrict breakfast to “breakfast foods”. It’s fine to have rice and meat for breakfast.
  • Are salmon and chicken comparable protein sources? How, if at all, do they differ from each other? If you, in a pre-workout meal are going for carbs+protein with a little fat (10-15g), which of the pair is the most appropriate?*


Why? This will remove fats from your diet, and remove carbs from your diet. Are you moving that nutrient intake to another time during the day?

Vegetable intake could possibly be higher and more spread out.

* Someone might call me out on this, so I’ll acknowledge, either can work as a pre-workout source, but which of the pair is the most suitable depends on the workout. But it’s too advanced for the poster to care, I agree. Just trying to encourage critical thinking.

hey, kay spoke with someone also who think im actually not really proper to go for muscle mass yet, so like deadlift is 100kg, bench 80kg, squat 80kg currently, year back when I didn’t care about diet it was better but I dont mind that atm my plan is actually losing belly fat and I went through wall with head with plan to build muscle. sorry I kinda wasted ur time but u gave me some bigger picture, I read almost whole internet about what to do and not do, what works, what won’t work so that’s why Im confused as hell. so my calculations are like 2900 calories are to maintain my weight,so I guess I should go for 2500 calories (yes planning to lose fat now seriously) and see what happens, how much am i going to lose per week.

Let me tell you my plan that I will start using next week, I spent this whole week just thinking.

So I will start with fasted cardio at 6am planned to do cycling aka 30 seconds of “sprinting” and 40 seconds “rest/slower”, repeat for 10 times, might switch to rowing for 10 minutes, and finish with kettebel swings, would spend approx 1 hour at gym. After that breakfast. (fasted cardio would be probably 5 times a week mon - friday)

Weights would be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
HIIT would be on Tuesday and Thursday
Rest would be at weekend

About weights, I would do Squat/Deadlift, Chest(probably bench)/Back(no clue yet), Biceps/Triceps(Curls/close grip bench or something like that)

I would go for 5x5 to lift a bit more heavy, why? Because I read to lift heavy even if I thought that doing more reps will work better for loosing weight.

Nutrition plan, as I mentioned I will go for 2500 calories daily. and not sure about carbs again, I think it’s fine to avoid them if I will want to lose fat?

and honestly I don’t think I can actually answer on your questions about nutrition plan, as my knowledge about building proper plan is like 0, but I gave it a try.
however I prefer white rice way more.

Hope that wont look like wall of text that will make u run away :F thanks for all the answers again.

EDIT: I think compared to body fat pictures, I could compare to a guy with 20-25% bodyfat

1500 kcal fucked up your metabolism. up the calories and do some cardio to stay in a deficit. You are fucked for now, so u need to get the metab going. Then after a few weeks do it correctly. Cutting calories only works for so long. Why does no one ask what the people are doing at the gym? You need cardio, resistance, and diet if you are fat. It’s a hard road, but you put yourself in this position and you need to fight for it.

Sorry, I’m a tough love person.

Im not looking for easy way or fast way, im motivated and dedicated and if I lost 25KG Im gonna go for 9 more, i wasn’t fat through night it take years and im gonna work it out for whole past, no excuses, but yeh im not any expert for nutrition, so yeh made a mistake, and will rise the calories.
How is it with cheese? Is it any good for my plans ? Im looking to rise healthly fats while keeping carbs low.

Cheese is fine, you have to count it though. U have to get tour metab going. That is first.

Also, be mindful of condiments. Those are hidden calories

Ty, yeh I bought scale so I can do count everything, yeh will get calories up for sure.
Umm how’s Milk ? I have one with 46 cals 4.7 carbs (sugar), 3.3 proteins 1.5 fats, any good to drink ? Im afraid of sugar here.

And peanut butter I might buy
per 100g
cals 596
p 29.6g
c 11.6 (5.9 of that is sugar)g
f 46g

Peanut butter is iffy. I would not recommend it to someone on a cut. 100 calories per tablespoon. And you will still be hungry. I’d recommend PB2 for protein shakes And steelcut oatmeal.

I don’t drink milk and don’t think humans should. However, I do eat greek yogurt.

Once you get you metabolism going, i would recommend foods that take up space without a lot of calories. Ruffage, dry baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, eggs, chicken breast, ground turkey breast, brussel sprouts, carrots. Keep it simple. Popped corn you made at home, not the movie butter kind. Protein shakes of course. Bananas. And, on a cut, you don’t cheat.

Eat at your Normal bmr, but burn an extra 400-500 calories doing exercise.

If you are on T, you can push harder.

You are being a bit too hyper for me, and you’ve gotten the attention of someone else who really knows there stuff so I’ll bow out.

Before I leave though, I’ll chip in one last time. This is a harsh start,

As to progress you’re going to have to add further to what will for you presumably already be a lot.

I’d rather have seen you coast for a while as you increase your calories and maybe just do some fasted walking in the morning until you get your calorie intake up to somewhere between 13-15*bw in lbs and then resume your deficit. Depending on how long you plan to run it, it’d be a good idea to have a sense on how to progressively increase your deficit.

I’d refer you to two articles on thibarmy, search for

  • thibarmy fast or slow
  • thibarmy get the most out of each step of a fat loss phase

Good luck. And. Get fit to run. Don’t run to get fit. Your joints will thank you.

@theinneroh if you disagree with what I wrote I’d love to hear why, so feel free to @ me if you think I’m wrong. Always welcome a different perspective.


The diet i posted above was just writen it was actually never in progres. So i didnt really eat 1.5k calories as i didnt even count that stuff, i just tried to make nutrition plan, will go for 2.5k and see where is it going, will probably use weights 3x per week and 2x hiit, mornings would be some kind of cardio. I mean it cant be damn impossible to reach something if everyone can why i wouldnt. I should probably just stop read and watch yt videos… the only 1 thing everyone agreed is to be in caloric deficit so i guess thats the way with training or not.

There are many ways to accomplish getting fit. I don’t disagree with you. And I like the running comment. I don’t recommend running to people anymore. It often leads to joint issues if done long enough. Unless you are a small framed person, I think running should be limited to 2 miles per day pushing the pace.

One of the problems with dropping your calories so low is that your BMR will progressively get low. Your body adapts to the number of calories you’re eating. Therefore, you want to bring your calories back up for a short period of time. Honestly, I have found that not tracking my calories but eating very nutrient dense foods has helped me with this. Take 2 weeks and eat quality foods without tracking.

Increasing calories + increasing activity = greater metabolic efficiency

Carbs are a big one too. Incorporate carbohydrates in your diet. Carbs are somewhat muscle sparing and its nearly impossible to build muscle without them. Carbohydrates also decrease cortisol levels. In order to maximize carbohydrate efficiency, consume 50% of your daily carbohydrates post workout. This will help your muscles to recover, grow and keep cortisol levels low.

This would be an example of not tracking calories but eating a well balanced diet:

4 eggs
3oz chicken breast
1/2 Cup oatmeal
1/2 Cup blueberries
1 tbsp. peanut butter

Coffee or caffeine supplementation

1 scoop whey
1 cup whole milk (post-workout milk has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis and includes healthy saturated fats and L-Leucine (insulin responsive amino-acid))
1 cup oatmeal
1 banana
1 handful of almonds or walnuts

Meal #3:
6oz chicken breast or thigh
3-4 cups sautéed vegetables of choice
1 tbsp. olive oil

Meal #4:
6-8oz lean red meat or fatty fish
50g carbs from fibrous sources such as quinoa, lentils, brown rice or sweet potato
2-3 cups sautéed vegetables of choice cooked in olive oil

Late-night Snack (If craving):
1 scoop whey
Handful of nuts

By increasing your daily calorie intake, N.E.A.T. and activity in the gym, your body will adapt to the number of calories you’re consuming. After a few weeks of this, start tracking your calories again and slowly bring them down. Hope this helps!!