LOL, just went over the articles for HPmass again,

It turns out I’ve been doing the wave loading designed for upper body with legs (so -5kg, +2.5kg jumps)

when really I should have been doing -20kg, +10kg jumps…

Weight: 191 lb

Lots of sled pushing tonight, eeerrhhhhhhhhhhhh

Also Squats & Deadlifts were considerably easier after I used the correct ramping for them…

Deadlifts were very easy today and as a result I keep forgetting to wear a belt for them.

Military presses are getting easier, but not by much. But they are notoriously difficult to make major progress on, so I’m not that worried.

More sledding later.

Everyone in my family was saying today how big my legs are getting, pretty encouraging considering they see me every day in shorts!

Lats/Biceps today

Lat tri set - see vids on livespill
(Straight arm pulldown with rope → kneeling rope pulldowns → rope rows to abdomen)

did this 5x

Kayak rows - 5 sets of 6-10 squeezes on each side

DB rows - 5-6 sets

Lat pulldowns - 3-4 sets

Cable preacher curls - 5-6 sets

Strict dumbbell curls - 3 sets

dumbbell curls one arm at a time - 3 sets

I’ll be doing some sled work later

I need to figure out how to send pics from my Blackberry to my email/PC… Having no pics sucks



Meal 1
200g greek yogurt
500ml innocent smoothie
1 wholemeal bagel
20g almond butter
30g whey powder
2 eggs

Meal 2
500ml innocent smoothie
60g whey powder

Meal 3
500ml innocent smoothie
chicken stew


Weight: 194lb

Love handles have decreased some more

So today (15/08/2011) will be the start of Week 3 of the High-Performance Mass training,

I’ll be doing 16 sets of each exercise,

For upper body, sets 6-16 will look like this:

  1. Max Training Weight
  2. -5kg
  3. +2.5kg
  4. +2.5kg
  5. -5kg
  6. +2.5kg
  7. +2.5kg
  8. -5kg
  9. +2.5kg
  10. +2.5kg
  11. -5kg

For lower body:

  1. Max Training Weight
  2. -20kg
  3. +10kg
  4. +10kg
  5. -20kg
  6. +10kg
  7. +10kg
  8. -20kg
  9. +10kg
  10. +10kg
  11. -20kg

Today I will be doing:

Military press
Incline bench press
Bench press

And the sets of the three upper body lifts will be staggered with a trap/upper back movement.


Did 112 sets today…

Military press & BB shrugs

Incline bench press & Standing up rows with KB’s

Bench press & Seated rear delt raises with DB’s


Something clicked with my Bench press techinque today and the weights started to feel incredibly light and started flying up, yay. Everything else was easy, just so much volume…

My callouses are fucked up, workout took for fucking ever - 3 hours, but I stuck it out, I just pretended in was in Colorado being told what to do by CT

Anyway, due to my efforts my GF is going to make me two cheeseburgers tonight, they are the best.

Same thing again today, less sets of assistance exercises though.

Military press w/ BB shrugs

Incline bench press w/ KB armpit rows

Bench press w/ seated rear delt flyes


Really felt it in my upper back/traps today, more of a tightness/pump than soreness though.

And my hands need a bowl of ice.

Squats, Deadlifts & Overhead presses today

Took 1 hr 40 min, happy about that, I kept my rest as short as possible

Squats/Deadlifts were almost too easy, OH presses seem to be as difficult as always…

I waited 3 hours after my breakfast before the gym today instead of the usual 90 minutes, I think this helped me today as I had a lot more energy.

Week 3 finished! aaah that was hard.

I get to lower the volume and increase the weight on monday, yay!

Back/Biceps today

straight arm lat pulldown, rope - lots

kayak rows - lots

db rows - lots

chin ups - 5-6 sets

doing biceps later.


Alt. DB curls - 8 sets of 6+ reps (didn’t really count)

Hammer curls - 4 sets

Pinwheel curls - 1 set

supposed to be training in 10 minutes, im so tired though and im falling asleep in my chair…

Didn’t fall asleep, added 5kg to all lifts. Workout was fairly easy.

weight: 191 lb

Did squats/deadlifts/OH press, went later today because of crappy situations.

OH press went awesome, I was able to rattle the shit out of the bar with my max training weight. Maybe I was a bit more ‘in the zone’ because it was later in the day.

My new sled broke, bought bigger screws… I’ll have to do sledding 2x a day for a couple days to make up for not going.