Good fat loss meal plan that isn't boring AF?

Can someone with good nutritional knowledge and experience with bodybuilding help me build a good meal plan? I haven’t been feeling myself and want to fix my diet and eat food that I like that is healthy. Can someone help me develop a good meal plain for cutting down fat without muscle loss?

I’m 170 lbs with 15-20% body fat at 5’7 height.

Meal Plan Idea

I thought of this meal plan (just a rough idea):
Breakfast: Oatmeal with berries and some coconut oil 1 Egg with Egg Whites

Lunch: Whole Grain Toast with Chicken Breast cooked in spices sandwich

Pre-Workout Meal: Protein Shake with Water or Almond Milk Oatmeal again like breakfast

Post-Workout: Protein Shake with water or almond milk

Pre-Workout Meal: Protein Shake with Water or Almond Milk Oatmeal again like breakfast

Dinner: 94/7 Ground Turkey with Avocado and Quinoa or Brown Rice and Glaze + Olive Oil (I don’t really like rice or Quinoa, I do like whole grain toast like Dave Killer Bread).

I’m thinking of around 50-60g of fat, a moderate amount of carbs, and about 180g of protein. Slowly cut down and shred body fat without losing muscle. I just want to look good with a six-pack and be healthy with energy. I just want to eat food that is easy to make, cheap, and easy on my body.

Velocity Diet,

And then with all your free time take on a new enterprise with ferocious deliberation for 28 days, to coincide with your focused nutrition attempt. Great intervention.

Well shit, didn’t realize how old this post was. Hopefully you’re still around mate.


Steak and eggs


Hey hawkeyefitness,
Thanks for sharing your meal plan idea and asking for input. Here are some thoughts and suggestions from my perspective as a natural bodybuilder:

First, I agree with your overall approach of focusing on whole, nutrient-dense foods and getting adequate protein to support muscle preservation while cutting fat. Your meal plan looks solid overall. A few specific tips:

I personally try to avoid mixing large amounts of carbs and fats in the same meal, as I find this can hinder fat loss. So for example, rather than having toast and avocado together, I’d suggest choosing one or the other.

Regarding nutrient timing, while the research is mixed, I’ve found that having fast-digesting protein and carbs post-workout during the “anabolic window” does seem to help with recovery and muscle preservation when cutting. The studies by Paul Cribb support this. So having that post-workout protein shake is a good call.

In the evenings, I like to cut out starchy carbs and focus more on fibrous veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. This seems to accelerate fat loss for me. Doing some fasted morning cardio can also be helpful, even though not all studies support its fat-burning effects.

Lastly, to really dial things in, I recommend using an app or website to track your macros and calories.

The key is finding an eating approach that’s sustainable for you while supporting your fat loss and muscle maintenance goals. Feel free to tweak things based on your preferences and results.

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