Going Gault - What's your new profession

Inspired by @Brant_Drake recent apocalypse post.

If anyone has read “Atlas Shrugged” you know where I’m going. Short story is high value individuals are invited to come live in a Capitalist’s egalitarian paradise as the rest of society breaks down. The only stipulation, you can’t do what you did in your previous life and what ever you choose to do has to be picked for “selfish” reasons, IE you have to love it.

One professor opened a diner, a philosopher starts a cigarette company, ect.

What would your new profession be?



Going back in time and aborting Ayn Rand’s birth.


I wouldn’t work. Gault’s gulch should show that.

But if I had to - be a canoe guide, make a spice company, make marble sculptures.



But that aside, I keep threatening my wife that, when I retire, I’m going to become a Mall Cop.

I grew up in the 90s. Malls are a big part of my upbringing. I still like going to them and walking around, even though they’re a dying breed. I just enjoy the environment. I also like just going for walks in general (I’m legit considering getting a side hustle as a dog walker), so “walking a beat” in a mall is really answering all the mail there.


Fun question! Maybe a massage therapist.

I just wrote in my log that people who lift weights are the best at finding tight muscles and digging in just right.

What would yours be, redsol1?


I work as an accountant but thought about pursuing firefighting when I was younger

So I’d probably do that :man_firefighter:

Unless Gault Fire Department has an age cutoff …

Then maybe something Veterinary related


I would work as an investment sales agent for a commercial real estate brokerage.


I would become a residential carpenter. I would do side projects like building a shed or fixing up an old house. I would also open up a home building company. (No fancy stuff, just small to large-ish homes for a low income - middle class families)

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My dream is to partner with a private chef and start a high end dinner club (not for money) when I’m semi retired

I’d design menus, work with chef to execute and invite 4-6 people over for dinner and discussion every month

I love cooking and spend 6-10hours thinking about it every week, but I’d never want to do it professionally

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Making moonshine.


Working SAR. The only thing preventing that now is lack of time with a family and career. But, I would love to spend a couple months getting certs, and then participating in SAR missions around the local mountains. I’m one of those people where time slows and I perform better in crisis/pressure situations and my current career has taught me a lot about leading people and rapid decision making under pressure. I also love being in the mountains in all the different kinds of weather (except the very rare heat around here). I think I would really enjoy both the doing of the job, and the satisfaction of helping others.

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if you ever do, sign me up for a subscription

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After 41 years working in electric power generation and having retired in 2012, about all I’d be interested in would be a Moocher.

At least, you would have agreement with @castoli1971

Atlas Shrugged was required reading in my 11th grade English class (public school).


Probably something food related. Start a butcher shop, open a distillery, run a bar, open a restaurant, something like that.

I could use @Brant_Drake spices and team up with @anna_5588

i could also sell @FlatsFarmer moonshine out of the back of my bar.

There’s actually a story here. My great grandfather ran a service station back in the 20’s that was a waystation and distribution point for the Bondurant Brothers into Rockingham County Va. My grandfather had stories about moonshiners making deliveries at all hours, day and night.



That’s interesting given she was neither British nor American. She was also more of a dogmatist than an artist.

As someone who’s allergic to alcohol, expertise on this side will definitely be needed.

I would stay put as it will be so called low value individuals who will save society, a job made easier without “high value” individuals in the way. You can take the philosophers and captains of industry; I’ll take the farmers, hunters, fishermen, tradesmen and even unskilled laborers. I might have room for a chef.

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1920s Bathtub Gin?

I see “Food Truck” here. Do it all from one spot!

I like this idea

Maybe the food truck can be Mexican food and @redsol1 should name at least one of his alcoholic beverages “Optic Blast”

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The highest value individuals have those skills you mention, they have just risen to leadership roles because of their other attributes. E.G. The carpenter turned VP of a large construction firm, or the line cook rising to celebrity chef/restauranteur, or deckhand turned owner of a fleet of fishing vessels, or computer geek turned hardware/software titan. I’d take the folks who know the nitty-gritty, and also know how to create and leverage efficiency. And one last qualifier would be an altruistic spirit.

Can we all agree that bankers would be left out in the cold?