Here’s the deal…me and a few buddies are heading down to cancun in the last week of Jan. We’re thinking about whether to go the all-inclusive route or just to wing it. If you’ve been down there and tried either, let me know how it went. I’ve been inspired by Ron Harris’ adventures at La Boom, (see issue # 171 ro 172 atomic dog), so I’m already working on my routine ;-). Should be an excellent time, but if you have any further tips, please send 'em my way!

I went down there a few years ago. I think you should go the all-inclusive route because you can get an “all you can eat and drink” policy at the hotel you stay at. Also, there is a chain of hotels(forget the name) that this policy will apply to all of them in Cancun. Here are a few tips. BE VERY WARY OF COPS AND CAB DRIVERS. The cab drivers are basically the drug dealers of the city so they are pretty crooked. Some are alright but don’t take anything they say for granted. The cops on the other hand, well I’ll tell you a story. Please bear in mind that this was not an isolated incident; I have found out since coming back that it is a fairly common thing. One of the nights we were there, 2 of my friends were drunk and decided to take a leak outside the hotel in the bushes. 2 cops saw them and told them to get in the car. When they got in the car, one of the cops pulled out a sawed off shotgun and pointed it at each of their faces. After being driven around for about 20 minutes, the cops decided they would take money and not threaten them anymore. Problem was that my friends were broke. The cops drove back to the hotel and let one of them out to try to get money from us. We thought it was a gag but went down anyway and saw my friend balling his eyes out with a gun pointed at him. We gave them $100 and that was the end of that, but damn was that an eye-opener. Go and have a good time but be careful.

I’ve been to Cancun three times, and if you can afford it, stay at an all-inclusive resort. It’s so much easier not to have to worry about where you’re going to eat, go to the beach, etc. They all have buffets with tons of great food, usually open from 7 AM to 11 PM. Look into the Blue Bay resort on the hotel strip (make sure you ask for the adults-only one, not the one way far out that I stayed at). The pool is topless, and when I walked through I’d say 80% of the women went with the bare-titty decision. The games the activity directors there have you play all have something to do with getting you laid - kissing contest, etc, wanna-be MTV Spring Break type of stuff.

U should defrintely go for the all inclusive it makes things easier and cheaper for u in the long run.
U should also check out the female hot body contest in La Boom, its on one friday nights. Fridays the best night in la boom.