Get her in the mood...

I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but my college buddies and I were thinking that we need a play list or cd that we can put on when we bring a girl home. But I’m not sure what songs I can use, so any ideas would be great.

“I want to fuck you like an animal” - Closer - NIN.

me so horny-nwa

“Blow” by Keoki, on the Egotrip cd.

Since Nate took the obvious first choice, how about that old RHCP song that goes, “I want to party on your pussy, baby.” Gets 'em every time. So does anything by Cannibal Corpse (Fucked with a knife specially)for that matter.

let her pick, make some physical contact with her, look her in the eyes the hole time and use your ears and your mouth in their ratios, listed 2x/talk 1x. So just go for it.

Another favorite of mine is “Pussy” by Lords of Acid. That’s a crowd pleaser. “Show me your pussy, show it to me!” Would you like me to receit all the lines for you?

Although your first choice doesn’t surprise me, I figured you would definitely go with MC Pooh’s “Eatin’ Pussy”. It’s so much more your style!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard that one! But if I had, you know I would have definitely recommended it! LOL! DAYUM! All this talk about eating pussy is making me hungry.

One Word: Maxwell

If that doesn’t work try some Butthole Surfers, but make sure you tell her the band name when it starts playing, then wink suggestively.

laugh i HOPE you guys are not serious!!!

Talk like sex, both 1 and 2, by Kool G Rap
Not a Player By Big Punisher
Put it in your mouth by Akenely (forgot how to spell his name)
I get the Job done and smooth operator by Big Daddy Kane
I like my girls with the boom by Lord Finesse.

And now for something COMPLETELY different…Ok guys, you can flame away, but believe me, I’ve turned down more women than I’ve slept with. In no particular order, here are my “must have” albums for quality time: “Us”, “So”, and/or “Shaking the Tree”-Peter Gabriel, “Feels So Good”-Chuck Mangione, “Heavy Weather”-Weather Report", “The Celtic Heartbeat Collection”-various artists, and “Riverdance”. Also, please note that guys who think that cologne, music, clothes, or an entertainment system will get them laid…won’t.

How about ‘It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Next to Me’, ‘Your Sweetness is My Weakness’ & ‘I’m Qualified to Satisfy You’ all by Barry White?

Okay… fellllllas, gents, take it easy. I think CHRIS ISAAK is frickin awesome! Especially when you first get all crazy and go for the initial roll in the hay. After you know the girl then flip in the “new” CD and go crazy on her with Nine Inch Nails (the band) or some hard stuff (reffering to music). But this theory involves multiple dates, so no one night stands or party pumps…

You guys suck! What is this music nonsense??? Just get her in the car, whip out the wood, point down, and say “what are we gonna do about this?” LOL… On a seperate funny note, on the 4th of july, after a few beers, my friend pulls out his helmet and hangs it out and goes up to a car with 3 girls in it. Talk for 5 minutes, charms them, and gets invited in to sit in the caar, oblivious to his mushroom cap hanging out his his pants, he chatted with them for 20 minutes, making references to it without them even knowing. finally he just told them and got out of the car to a chorus of yuck! but it was the funniest damn thing I’ve seen.

Lemme get this straight: Your friend whipped it out, talked to a carful of girls (5 minutes outside and 20 minutes inside the car), and then got in and continued the conversation? They didn’t notice it until he pointed it out to them? Sounds to me like this guy doesn’t exactly pack a whole lotta gear, if you know what I mean.

Edge, I suppose that may be funny in some sick way to the perverts of the world. Maybe when you are married and have a daughter of your own you can invite your friend over for dinner and have him wave his penis at your daughter for a few more yucks. You friend the flasher could (should?)have been arrested and looking at a few years in jail for that dumb stunt and having a whole bunch of weinies flagged in his face every day. Sounds like a bit of prison gang rape would do the sick SOB some good. Of course, anything to make his equally sick friends laugh is just fine isn’t it? Now tell us what a real T-Man is all about again Edge!

Let me clear this up. He had shorts on. he put the head of his dick sticking straight up out of the top of his shorts. Weather his dick is big or not, I do not know nor do I care, I was just relaying a funny story.

To avoids roids, All Mighty Pious One, what exactly is the problem?

Last time I checked, Teenage Summertime Hijinks were funny! Well, at least in every 80’s movie they were.

how old are you? 16? and i have to agree with demo, if they didn’t notice it must have been ‘un-noticeable’ sorry! grin