Future of CAM/Wellness

To make a long story short, I am trying to get into the “Wellness” field, for lack of a better term. I’ve worked in the medical (vendor) field, in ‘curative’ medicine, for 2 decades. While I’m glad for some segments of traditional American medicine (emergency type neuro or othopedic surgery, if one desperately needs it), we are very ineffective with lifestyle diseases like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes. It bothers me that we profit greatly from placing a pacemaker or stent, dealing with a cadiac problem for ex., but do nothing (outside the patients’ own positive decisions) to accentuate exercise, supps like COQ10, magnesium, carnitine, etc. that could PREVENT the invasive, ‘curative only’ procedure. What are your opinions of the future of preventive medicine as it relates to education, treatment and insurance? Thanks.