Follow my cycle(round 2)

Been little over a year since my last updates.
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I required another surgery and had some down time to that. Pumped myself up with TB500/BPC157 and HGH for that recovery while cruising on Testosterone. For about 7-8 months. Ive just now started to feel 100% .

After recovery I did another blast with Test C,NPP, Primo and var. Amazing cycle! 18 weeks of that(var 8 weeks).

Been on a cruise since dropping that in Mid January and am now geared up for my summer cycle! Just donated blood/got an oil change.

As for diet, i often work remotely so, i eat what i am given or i will starve lol. I do my best around that, but it is what it is. Currently working locally+time off season. So, will be nailing down the diet.

This is my first time running tren so im being very conservative about dosages and feeling it out.

Currently @
20mg - Tren Ace - ED
75MG - Sust250 - ED
Caber and Arimdex on hand(dont really get e2/estro sides)

Will up the Ace as I get a feel for it & sides.

…If anyones interested in vitamin support during my Cycle i can post that also / reasons why ive chosen them specifically.

Week 1. I wouldnt call it insomnia but i definitely am more awake at night. I can fall asleep but wake up multiple times a night.
On day 2 of headaches not bad , just a lingering annoying ache back of head to my temple’s. Only thing that seems to aid it, is eating food lol
On that note… never satiated… hungry all day stomach growling at 1am

Yeehaw… we in it now!