First female president in Mexico

Yeah, I’m sure the country is gonna fail as she has said she will follow the policies of AMLO. Another leftist disaster in the making. What that country needs is an ultra-right leader like Argentina.

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Will you still love her tomorrow, when you learn that she’s a Jew?

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What I care about is her policies and it’s affect on the people.


Leftoids ruin everything… zero net value

Like in Argentina?



As soon as you stop acting.

As I said, like in Argentina.


Everywhere… noncontributing lice

You need to check again.

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Make Booty Great Again!


Obviously you’re NOT talking about AOC. As she is Latina with a flat ass, which hopefully she gets thrown out on after her next election time. It irritates me when dumbasses refer to her and the Fraud Squad as progressives. What! After they fooled everyone, they went back on their principles and are more concerned with their political career. Fucking disgusting phonies! I hope they are all challenged and all lose. Fucking scumbags!