Finding The Right Priorities

I wonder when this won’t be shocking to me.

Today it still is.



I’ve tried NPP every way I could think of and here’s what I can tell you……

The good:
A. it helps with joint pain. Ive previously commented on here that it didn’t help much with joint pain. I was wrong. I didn’t realize how much it helps until I stopped it for a little while and restarted it recently.
B. It counters some of the skin side effects of test. On anything over 300 Test, my face looses elasticity and looks old. Not so on NPP. Also, on Test alone, my face and back blow up and I get big painful acne. Not so with NPP.
C. It increases work capacity. My results vary slightly from most here. It doesn’t increase my low-end explosive strength (1-3 reps) but it GREATLY improves how many sets I can hit at a given weight. This is my favorite thing about the drug.
D. It makes my traps pop. There is an undeniable difference in my traps when I am on NPP. This is my second favorite thing about the drug.
E. I have never experienced the notorious deca/NPP dick. But I have also never gone below a 1:1 Test/NPP ratio. Check that, I did it once and felt like shit but never got deca dick.
F. I tolerate carbs much better on it. On Test alone, if I eat a ton of carbs one day, I look like shit the next day. On NPP, I just look full the next day. Basically, the carbs go in my muscle bellies instead of causing edema.

The bad:
A. Insomnia. I sleep 6 hours a night on NPP, vice 8-9 on Test alone.
B. Aggression. It definitely makes me more aggressive. You’ve run Tren, so I’m sure you are very familiar with this side.
C. Headaches. A baby aspirin daily keeps them away, for me.
D. Puffy nipples. Temporary, not gyno, just a soft, puffy look. 100mg P5P/day keeps this at bay for me.

Doses: it will help you with hardening/leaning at 200mg/week or less (see carb tolerance above). At 300+ It will likely cause some edema. Size gains really start to come fast at 400+/week. For me, 300-400 week has been my sweet spot for gains vs. sides. I’ve gone as high as 600/wk and the sides outweighed the gains.

I’ve felt good at 3:1, 2:1, and 1:1. But I would never recommend dropping Test below 200/wk, regardless of the ratio you choose. Think of Test as the “feel good” drug in the cycle. You never want it too low and you never want less of it than NPP unless you’re a masochist and enjoy feeling miserable.

The 200/100 you mentioned is a good starting point. I’d recommend giving it 3 weeks for NPP to reach steady state before critiquing that dose. If you like it, you could likely run it forever. If you don’t like it, I’d recommend trying 300/100 from there. 300/100 feels really good for me. but obviously gains were nothing to write about at those doses. I’m assuming here that you’re looking for a long-term solution, not bulking doses.
The other thing I’ll add here on dose is….if you’re not going to eat for size, I can see no reason to ever run NPP above 200/wk. you’re just going to see sides without the gains. Many guys have said you have to feed NPP and I firmly believe that (if you are using it for bulking). If therapeutic, max 200/wk.

I’m currently still slooooow cutting, as I decided in my log recently, on 300/100. Feel good, zero sides, and cut is going well. Down from about 20% to 15-17%. Pic below. I’m eating very few carbs, so looking like 5-10 pounds less lean tissue, but strength has stayed same, so definitely no muscle loss. Looking forward to filling back out as soon as I carb back up again.


@Professor_Hulk have you noticed how you BP changes according to test:npp ratio? I read on your log that you stopped 300/300 because your BP was high.
My BP is shit lately also - i tought it was low dose tren but now its back, and it looks like its the same on 100mg of NPP as it was on 100mg of tren.
I tought its MK677 cuz it comes with a lot of bloat, but i dropped it and it doesnt seem to change.
Having BP of 140+ for days just really makes me feel tired and sick. I know its not a super high BP, but i really feel it everywhere.
I guess ill up the test to 300 and drop NPP for a while, to just see whats going on. If it fixes, maybe re-introduce NPP and try 3:1 ratio.

For me, it’s always total androgen load, rather than a specific drug or ratio. I’ve found that if I run Test alone, or Test/NPP at any ratio, above 500 total mgs a week, my BP slowly creeps up over time.

Things that have helped me keep BP under control are:

Regular blood donation
Daily baby aspirin
Moderate to low carbs
Lower body fat
Total androgen load <500 mgs/wk

My drug guy commented that i have high bp and terrible feeling on 100mgs of tren now, and was fine at 750mgs some time ago is the way i pay for those years now.

I actually realised that some of the shit feeling i have might be the fact that i dumped 1,2l of blood in 3 weeks. Altho my iron is ok, ferritin is low.
All the low ferritin signs are simmilar to what i have.
But i also do have higher BP, and that has nothing to do with ferritin tho.
It might be that i cant take anything over TRT anymore, or maybe - no 19nors. Idk. The day after i skipped a tren shot and replaced it with npp i felt good, and then the BP came back up(npp kicked in maybe).
Today i also skipped a npp shot, will see how the BP goes the next 2-3 days. I hope it gets better and its steroid related NOT that i actually have a real heart problem now. With all these youtube fucks dropping dead i am paranoid here sitting with my 137 bp

High BP is a bitch, man. Once it gets high, it takes a while to get it back under control.

I think your body is forcing you to cruise for a while. I know that you know you can only permablast for so long until your body makes you STOP.

You’ve come a very long way from the huge doses you use to run, but I think you are right that you are going to have to drop down to TRT only for at least a few weeks before any more experiments. Just to get BP and other markers back under control.

I’d imagine you’ve still got some good blasts left in you, but I think your body is just forcing you to cruise, rest, and recover for a few weeks.

Best of luck to you

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So i swapped my npp dose of 100mgs for extra test. My current blast is 385mgs of test.
Been some weeks past since my strenght went up because of tren but…its still there. Strenght is still there - my 531 training maxes have jumped 3-4 cycles forward except for deadlifts - since im using a belt, i cant breathe, it also hurts my ribs alot so im just torturing myself with it for now and i cant lift much.
I do feel like i like it on squats and OHP tho. Would probablu try using it on heavier bench also.
I am also in doubts - maybe use this time when i cant do deadlifts because of the belt, to switch to sumo deadlifts, as those are easier with a belt, and i have never done them, so i could maybe try those? I wonder if anyone has had luck doing sumo in one strenght cycle and conventional the other?

Headaches are still a bit there but i believe those are because of low ferritin.

The BP issues might have been a scare that i made worse by panicking.
Nowdays if my BP is 140+ i just remain calm and take another 2-3 measurements and they all are better. Like this morning i had 146, then 135, then 123 all in a row.
Anyways, we have national hollidays now, but the next week i will be looking to do that thingy where you ride a bike and they check your heart.
After that i will also invest and just do the Echo anyways. Just want to make sure, even if nothing is wrong.

Anyways, feeling strong for now. I wonder how much of that is the upped test, or the leftover tren(didnt inject more than 200mgs total in like 2 weeks at least 2-3 weeks ago).or maybe doing lighter accessory work actually helps my recovery.
Very excited to train.

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I know you’re no beginner man, but have you used a belt before? It sounds like you’re wearing the thing like a corset. Are you using it like Ronnie Coleman back when he was trying to stop his pregnant GH gut from getting worse?

Should be bracing abdomen outwards into the belt rather than using it like a constriction device. It also sounds like you’re using one of those thick as rawhide belts… if you are, and it’s getting in the way of training (brace yourself for an unpopular opinion), try using one of the straight belts without the widened back area or even a velcro one.

I read up and saw you just bought a weight belt. If you didn’t know, the weight belts will ALWAYS and up digging into your abdomen a bit during hinge movements of any sort. If you have a leather belt, expect it to be a bit worse. If you have a thick leather belt, it will be even worse than that. It gets a little better when you break it in a bit - or until you just condition your body to stop feeling pain (sarcasm).
The best way around this is to put on your belt like this, keeping in mind im not a powerlifter…
-keep the belt a bit lower so it’s not touching your ribs when standing upright.
-Flex your abs hard AF and tighten the belt such that it fits tight while at max ab flex (this shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight).
-when you release your abs, you should have a little more room, but not too much. This will allow you to properly brace against the belt, rather than relying on the belt’s physical properties for rigidity.
**it also helps a lot to have a belt that’s more forgiving too. I have one of these bad boys
Haters gonna hate, but this works fine for me. I still dont use belts for powerlifts though. too uncomfortable and haven’t needed it yet (405x5 squat and 495x3 deadlift). I use it more to remind me to keep my abs tight (while forcing them to grow flatter rather than outwards) during exercises they need to be engaged for.

Hope this helps

Yea i knew it will suck so im just pushing through. I just remind to myself that if everyone can get used to it, so can i :smiley:

I think you should try one hole less on the belt for the deadlift. I do that. The deadlift requires the most bending at the waist, so you might need it a bit looser than with the squat. Part of the belt learning curve.

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Shit is going well. My dose remains 385mg of test for now. No AI also. Will see how that goes.
Strenght is still there and going up. Last week on bench day did an AMRAP of 85% for 9 reps amd this week i did a 90% AMRAP for 8 reps, heh.
Weight is around 260lbs again. Not liking it now, but since strenght is moving imma let it be. In 2 weeks i have a stress test for my heart, just to make sure its ok. After that i will add 100mg of NPP sometime. Will bulk till end of the march and then probably will do some slow cut all summer to drop as much fat as i can.

This really helped. Even tho it seems a bit loose, i think i manage to brace a bit more into it anyways and i was able to deadlift with it. Idk maybe i didnt get much out of it but its a start - at least the thing is on and i do the lift, haha.

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I updated my training plan in the 2nd post of this topic.
Shit is going good.
Today i did the stress test for the heart - the bike thingy. Passed it. Doc said i have nothing to worry about, at least about this. I will probably drop test to 300 and add NPP 100mgs today, to see if my BP scare was because of it or no.
I will be doing echocardiogram next month.


Stuff is good, BP is good, feel is good. Strenght progresses. Last cycle i felt like i might need to lower some reps on deadlift amraps but this week i managed the same reps with bigger weight.
I also did a blasphemous thing - since bench was very strong last cycle, i upped my TM by a two cycles worth and i still did the 9-7-5 reps on 5-3-1 days.
If this goes well, i will end this cycle by doing my heaviest fiver on squats, and repeating the amrap of my bench after which i did my PR on bench in June 30rd.
At that time i was on total of close to 800mgs of anabolics, 25mg of ostarine a day and 4iu of GH a day.
Now my total anabolics are 400mgs and half the GH. I do take an MK also tho, but i still believe i can say i am progressing since the total amount of stuff is less by half.

I also decided to switch from OG 531 to 5s Pro. Since i am not a normal person and cant hold myself back a bit, i noticed that i am pushing the AMRAP sets just as much as if i would maxing. Taking 10min rest before it and NEEDING 10-15 min rest after(deadlifts). I dont think its good for someone like me who overtrains easily, so i will just be doing 5s Pro from now on, and i will throw in a few joker sets once in a while,for 1 lift at a time at 95% week instead of 5s pro, i would just warmup with 3s and 1s up to a TM and then do +5% joker here and there if i feel like i could do a PR.
Total volume would remain the same(more warmup reps on 5s pro, less reps on last set) but less intensity. It would be mentally better for me and i would also get some extra recovery and if i really want i can just do some more assistance work.

Im really waiting to see how my squats and bench goes in 2 weeks in my 95% week. Im slowly starting to smell a squat and bench PR.
Deadlifts suck cuz belt makes me wanna throw up every time im in a bent over position. OHP just sucks. But they are still progressing. Its just that i had to go back a bit more on those. Idk, maybe 5s pro will same me some extra recovery and those would go up a bit more also.

Weight is 260lbs. Will need to push it a bit i guess, since i am taking that 100mgs of NPP i wanna get the most out of it.


Weight close to 265lbs, feeling fat, a bit toxic because of eating.
I dont think that last 10lbs i gained actually did much for me. I think those were mostly fat on my sides. I guess i pushed it a bit too fast AGAIN.
I will be cutting back on calories a bit. I wont do any extra cardio. Ill just switch some beef for some chicken, and stop eating junk as “extra” calories. If ill get hungry, ill just eat more rice.
Also will lower insulin accordingly.
Im hoping to continue progressing strenghtwise and maybe lose 2lbs a month or smth.

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Did bloodwork. All the cholesterol markers are in the normal ranges on 300mgs of test and 100mgs of NPP so this smells like imma be doing this for a while.
Have heart echo scheduled in 18th january and will know how long will i be on this depending on how my heart looks.


95% week started today.
Lost around 5lbs(mostly water and i just ate a bit less so there is less stuff inside me, so its no biggie).
Did 330 bench for 5 reps for my top set. Had around half a rep left inside, so i have a good feeling that next cycle i will be able to do 335 for 5 for my all time 5 rep PR.
Tommorrow is deadlifts which suck for me now, so i will be playing around with sumo just for fun.
In the middle of the next week the program calls for squats 407 for 5 reps. Judging by my last squat workout, i think this will be doable and also will be my all time squat 5 rep PR.


Deadlift day is done.
Since my deadlifts suck and i had no enthusiasm to push them, i switched to sumo, just for fun.
I had never done sumo for more than 10-12 reps with 2 plates after squats, so this was new to me.
I managed to work up to a single of 440 and i didnt push it any further as i wasnt expecting to be able to do more than 3,5 plates.
Also i really felt sumo in my glutes and hamstrings, and since i had a mild hamstring tear a year ago, i didnt want to end my sumo thing at the first training.
Anyways, sumo really feels better for me, at least for now while the weight is light. I dont get the pressure in my head like i do in conventional. My lower back doesnt get pumped also.
Maybe its the first time hype also, but i didnt feel so tired also.
Anyways, this turned out better than i expected. I believe i would be able to replicate my conventional with sumo pretty soon. I need to study up on technique, but at least i am hyped for my next deadlift day now.
Maybe this will work out and i will be one of those people whos sumo is better than conventional.


Finished my 5s pro 95% week Squats with 2 PRs.

407 x 5

and 451 x 1


10/10 form bro, well done!


Started a new training cycle. Lightest week, bench - felt heavy as fuck. Almost as heavy as the heaviest week. I am blaming doing a PR on squats 2 days ago, followed by an intense sparring session that same night and the next morning also. I also did skip a few meals cuz i am trying to recomp a bit.
Will eat a bit more following days and hope the strenght comes back.

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