Favorite No/Low Calorie Drink

[quote]Bigpull wrote:
Right now I am hooked on walmarts version of Crystal light peach.Tastes good and sweet enough. Helps me drink more water too. Anyone else?[/quote]

I never leave without my Nalgene full of water in my hand. I also do a Sugar-Free Rock Star - but only 1/2 a can at a time - usually daily.

Ever tried any other flavors of the CrySTAL Light? You should try to expand your horizons…but I guess one flavor is a start.

Where in wa are you from Nugs? [/quote]

Grew up in Tacoma. Live in Puyallup. Work in Tukwila. How about you?

Coffee (black no sweetener), water, iced tea (no sweetener), green tea (hot - no sweetener).

Filtered water with lime juice
Raspberry sparkling water with lime juice


[quote]RMorrison wrote:
I drink the zero carb Rockstars like it is a religion. [/quote]

For sure! For better or worse my routine is one per morning during the weekdays and the rest of the day it’s water or milk. I usually end up sipping on the Rockstar all throughout the day at work, though, along with a lot of water.

Spike is by far the best sugar free drink I’ve ever had. Heck, I like it even more than regular soda.

That might be because I haven’t had a regular soda for years though…

But anyway, I’d probably rank the flavors like this:

Orange > Original > Lemon Slice

They’re all good though.

Spike Shotgun, Orange Gold flavor. There’s empty cans of it all over my room.

Low carb Monster, low cal Fuse, diet coke/root beer, and best of all…water.