Favorite curring cycles

I was going to post this in Drago1’s thread about everyone’s upcoming cycles, but since it is not on the front page anymore, thought I would post a new topic and talk cutting.

I plan to do a cutting cycle in the spring with Tren (ED) and primo. I noticed Drago1 stated his cutting cycle would be the same. I love primo, and I am hooked on Tren. As someone said before, Tren is the “Nectar of the Juice Gods.”

I would add winny, but want to stay away from 17-aa. I know most of you think the dangers are overated. probably true.

Anyway, what has worked for you bro’s in the past?

Is Tren and Cyp a good combo? I noticed that I crash hard when I intro Deca into the Cyp so I was looking for another stack for my next cycle.

Yea you will crash hard from deca and cyp. Aside from deca being crap, and despite what the idiots that still use it in every cycle will tell you…it sucks for cutting.

Cyp and tren may work for you, most of it has to do with your diet. Drago posted the different results he and his workout partner got from using cyp and tren (I believe), one got shredded and the other got big.

My favorite cutting cycle involves prop, tren, winny, T3, clen, all used in some way or another. Generally,

100mgs prop ED
75mgs tren ED
100mgs winny ED for 4-5 wks at the end

Happy cutting

WTF is a cuRRing cycle? I want to try one!

I thought it might have something to do with adding curry to your cycle???

I second TDogs cycle. Prop, Tren and Winny is a pretty good cutting cycle.

curring cycle is the mating patterns of your k9s
Kind of like a Dogwatch is a Dogwatch cause its “cur-r-tailed.”

As for the cutting end of it. Do primo with a little test. I wouldn’t do the tren and primo unless your adding in test and are trying to add mass and strenght. Tren and winny are great for cutting too.

spook, would you elaborate on the primo/test suggestion in lieu of primo/tren for cutting? i was planning a primo/tren for spring but would love to hear your take.

oh, and indian food has a lot of that in it i think. that stuff puts my ass on fire. i ate it one time and felt like i was shitting a lava rock the next day.

I also would like spook to elaborate on the addition of test to the tren/primo cycle. I can see that for keeping the ole dick hard (like 200 mg per week, which is NOTHING, but it did keep my dick hard) during a tren/primo cutting cycle.

In my mind primo is very similar to tren. Stacking them together is basically stacking 2 class 1’s which IMO is not any more effective then stacking either/or on its own at commesurate dosages. However by using primo with tren during a cycle stacked with test your getting an additional kick from the tren without as many injections as would be needed for the tren alone with test… I’ll stack eq with tren for the same purpose.
For cutting tren, primo work pretty much the same if commesurate dosages are used and could be used with a little test just to keep the mood up.

thanks for the reply spook. you make a good argument. i am changing my cutter to prop/primo both at 100mgs/ed for 6-8 weeks.

wtf happened to winstrol???

Winnys cool, but I am trying to take it easy on my joints. This is why I am doing a cycle with an EQ base. Got taken down yesterday in training and thought my shoulder got ripped out of the socket. Rotators are still sore. I am just gettin old I guess…
However I’ll use some before summer.

From a health/joint standpoint Primo would be my choice purely for it’s ability to enhance collagen synthesis and promote healthy joints/tendons.

If you do any research, you will find that test/tren are implicated in the majority of muscle tear cases. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these two drugs inhibit/suppress collagen synthesis.

As far as Winny, that can cause tendon problems as well. Although the tendons may get larger on Winny, they also become ‘brittle.’

Although EQ would be a good addition to a cutting stack for the ‘increased vascularity/hardness’ and joint/tendon properties – I personally don’t have the willpower to restrict calories while using EQ and can’t imagine most other people do either.

i am considering an anadrol/winstrol cycle soon and want to give my body a but of a break from the 17-aa’s. i may still add winstrol. i decide then

spookaroo - are you beta testing the RSOC EQ in that cycle?

Weeks 1-6: 50mg Winny ED
Weeks 1-6: Anavar 50mg ED
Weeks 1-6: 75mg Tren/100mg Prop combo

This will be great for a cut cycle.

I agree. Fearmy

No I am not beta testing his new eq. I will be getting some though. I’ve spoken with him on it though and am pretty convinced its going to be a good product. I am doing prolines 500mg but am not real impressed with the results. I am having my doubts about the accuracy of its dosage. But I don’t really want to get into this on an open forum.

Thanks spook! Yeah all his products turn out well.