'Extreme Preujdice' by Susan Lindauer

extreme prejudice by susan lindauer, anyone read it or have some links to reviews/assessments written through a neutral lens. When I google this to find out more, all I get are a bunch of lefty blogs that jerk each other off about how 9/11 was some variation of a government conspiracy. The dial is just turned up way to much for me to take them seriously.

I would love to hear an honest assessment of this book and if there is any truth to it, but color me skeptical when someone comes out and claims to have 28,000 documents proving they are right. Writing a book doesn’t prove anything, and I am not going to spend time reading those docs. Sidenote: I read the afadavits on the book’s website and they said very little that proves anything.

This normally wouldn’t have got on my radar, but I have lefty friend (I live in europe) and he sends me stuff occasionally about how the US is awful. He’s always had a major fire under his ass over the Iraq war and Bush (big surprise), and whenever he does this I am usually able to turn him aside, but I didn’t really know anything about this. I don’t like to comment on things I am ignorant on, so I wanted to see if anyone had more info.