Enanthate and Drug Testing

Hi guys,

I just want to ask you if my information is correct. I talked to Russian lifters on European Powerlifting championship and they told me that clearance time for enanthate is 3 months, propionate 8 weeks and d-bol is 4 weeks, while you can get away with low dose of suspension up to 2 weeks before meet.

Now, everything is OK, but I’m worried if really enanthate is out in 3 months.

I have suspension now, but waiting for propionate, so I thought to use enanthate to avoind EOD injections, and then to switch to shorter acting and to finish with the orals.

My last enanthate injection would be 5-6 monthc out of tested meet, my last prop. would be 2-3 months out of, and I will take last d-bol pill 4 weeks out, and just do my PCT and wont risk with anything closer to the meet.

Is this enough to pass if I got tested?


Wow this is way different from my experiences. I’ve done Sustanon at three shots a week (for six weeks) stopped at nine weeks out, with Anadrol and Halo used together for the remainding eight and a half, with roughly four days of actually nothing used and I passed a test at the nationals of weightlifting (with the use of Zydot). Everybody’s different, but five months off of enanthate and three months off of prop seems a bit too cautious to me. Four weeks of from d-bol too? Yes I would say you would pass absolutely, and if you can maintain and even continue to gain more power to you, but you may want to test yourself to see if you can cut it a little closer than what you have planned. Hell my friend from Georgia would use two ampules of Omnadren a week when he was on the NAN testing program and even thru some meets and he never tested positive.