Effects of equipoise on labs

32 year old male 5’7 196 lbs 18 percent body fat

To start off I’ve done multiple cycles that included test and EQ as I was tired of hitting my limits. I’ve been on Rx TRT for about a year now and wasn’t satisfied as it was only 200mg test C every other week. You can can imagine how fast that dips down over time. Got a second opinion and was prescribed 200mg of test and 100mg Deca once a week, 75 units of HCG a week and anastrole.

With the original RX I would add my own Test to help with the strength and size. So I would take 200 UG test C and then 200mg test C pharmacy from my Rx. About two weeks before getting labs done for blood I would stop my UG test so my labs would go back lower and I could keep getting the RX test refilled.

Now that I’m five weeks in with the new RX I like it and I can tell I’m better off the first one I had. I want to ad EQ 200mg 2x a week. How would the EQ reflect on my blood labs when I go get blood done again would it throw the Test levels or just possibly raise my hemocrit levels? I haven’t been able to find to much info on how EQ shows up. I know and understand that the main things they look for are the test levels, estrodial levels and hemocrit. Anyone been in a similiar situation I would appreciate some feed back.