Drew Baye Wins Over 50

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So he could have been leaner than 3-4% body fat (which he measured and reported before the show) with “cardiovascular conditioning”? Exactly how would have his physique looked better with it? What information is he “behind” on. Don’t just make statements without any facts or logic to back them up.


The majority of competitors in the NPC are taking steroids. 100% of IFBB competitors take steroids. Steroids are a part of bodybuilding. Why is it so hard for people to accept that.

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I fully agree with you. You’ll be surprised when you see social media or YouTube comments from people who believe that Arnold and the bodybuilders from that era were full natty (natural).

You are late to this party I see.
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I don’t bite!, I’m an old fish!
I’ve explained in excruciating details the necessary points of cardiovascular conditioning. You can reread my posts. You won’t agree anyway, so why repeat myself and bore everyone else. Anyone engaged in proper cardiovascular conditioning looks better due to increased blood flow to the skin (largest organ of the body). All have seen great physiques who did cardiovascular conditioning. Believe your eyes, as logic or facts are just argumentative jumping off points for your ilk. Go on back to roving around…. Ie. Lurking!

Don’t derail my thread with the bickering of cardio


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Reread my last post please!


Get off your high horse

I don’t see any evidence of people going from more volume to one set to failure.

I think low volume (HIT) training is seeing some growth in the market for older adults and seniors.

I’d note that “The Perfect Workout” uses a HIT approach, and they now have 60 locations open.

My wife has been going to “The Exercise Coach”. They use electromechanical resistance, one set to a certain level of inroad (not failure), 20 minutes twice a week. She has gotten obviously stronger and loves the results she has gotten. They claim to have 140 franchises now open.

The clients of these places are largely interested in maintaining health and function as they age, and for that purpose, HIT is useful and time efficient.


Not quite accurate!
He chooses to not only engage with it , but he also promotes false and misleading statements about cardiovascular conditioning activity in older trainees.

Quote from Drew Baye:

“You do not need to perform separate “cardio” workouts for either fat loss or metabolic and cardiovascular conditioning and health.”

There is no scientific evidence this statement is true. Furthermore, this statement is potentially harmful due to being misleading to older trainees.

It is extremely disappointing that today’s HiT information centers are so uninformed about the benefits of cardiovascular conditioning activity. No wonder I have become disgruntled with modern HiT gurus.
Running late is most likely their cardio!


If you watch near the end, the guy speaks about losing his cardio conditioning while trying Heavy Duty. I had similar experience with HIT or SS when trying to play basketball. My only concern with running is knee problems. I try to vary my cardio with cycling, rowing, and running on a treadmill.

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In don’t think they are misinformed at all , just not wanting to admit they were wrong about what they preached for 50 years. Not that I’m a cardio nut, I’m not … but that whole thing of it not being needed never made sense to me - whether I liked it or not.

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Good honest post!

Follow the money-no cardio-selling point-in and out-12 minutes-weekly! A stimulus for about 6 weeks! Who cares if your winded walking up a flight of stairs!
Starve to lose fat-gain it back-and more!


Nope. Baye’s obviously been on the gear. Not trt. Trt is just a codename for steroids when bodybuilders claim they’re on trt. Trt does not give a bodybuilder the same results as steroids. This also means that hit doesn’t realy work since Baye is juicing. It never has. 5 decades of hit and it still has a very poor success rate.


Yes! Any alternative to HIT is working immensely better! Even not training at all is better, according to my recent studies! I know for a fact that it’s only HIT trainees that use PED’s. Stay away from HIT (as you risk losing ALL of your gains)! What rate are you referring to? Is there even such a thing as rate considering HIT? HIT is not even on a scale. Has it even ever existed?

What is HIT?

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You tell me.

Be careful not to feed the troll


yep right on, I have debated him on FB about this, showed him the medical research , then he blocked me lol

He took his ball and stomped off of these forums too, didn’t he?