Doing something for Christmas

or whatever you celebrate. Is everyone here on the bone marrow donor list? If this is the season of giving as it is purported to be, what greater gift can you give than the gift of life? I have had two people ask me why. One was with their nephew, a baby about 18 months. me, “nephew is a handsome little devil, isnt he!” him “yes” me, “how would your react to a person knowing that that persons marrow was the only thing that would save that kids life, and they didn’t want to be inconvenienced or put in a little pain” to this, stunned silence. The probability is pretty slim that you will ever get selected. Next time you hold a child or see a child, ask yourself if you’d take one for the team to save a life. Odds are one in millions that you will be selected. If you play the lotto with a what if, I ask you again to look at a baby and say, what if?

I don’t understand, do you die if you give marrow or what?

You don’t die but it’s very painful.

where do you sign up at? is a start. I was at work and they had a booth. Call your local blood center. You could donate a pint of blood, in and of itself very important this time of year, and perhaps register at the same time.
Very painful, perhaps. T-folks can handle it for the benefit of it. read some of these. Tell me then that you can’t.