Doc Won't Call Me Back, 1wk Off TRT, Effects?

As stated in another thread, went on trt last month, 200mg every 2 weeks, script for for 1 month only, doc must authorize refill, I split dosage into sun/wed split of .25mg.

Problem is doctor was out last week on vaction, called pharmacy, they faxed paperwork, office says only he can sign it, now he’s back and I’ve left message with no response, last .25 shot was 7 days ago, decided I’d call another doc tomorrow if I don’t get a call back (I’m sure he’s backed up but…).

My worries are what is going to happen now to my test levels, I’m sure they are crashing as I type this, also if I do have to goto a new doctor, will they go through all the testing deals again, surely I can get my last two test results and they can start me back where I was. When I do start back, should I just do normal .25 or do I need a bit extra?

Last, while my doc is on the trt bandwagon, he is not the most informed and from what I can tell just puts everyone on the standard 200mg every 2 weeks. Would be great to find a family doc that really knows about trt in the western NC area.