Dialing in my Protocol... No Luck

Your protocol is working against you, you need to consider injecting smaller doses EOD or ED given your low SHBG. 200mg would be ideal for a guy who hyper metabolizes testosterone fast as his body uses up most quickly, however a low SHBG guy needs smaller micro doses. Inject doses using insulin syringes.

Your doctor is delegating to you to design a protocol, it’s similar to giving an 8 year old keys to your family car, bad idea! You couldn’t have thought that was going to work, right? Test prop isn’t the best option, trust me as it’s has fast acting esters that can be problematic. You really need a doctor who can look at your labs and understand their meaning if you ever want to feel normal.

Do to your low SHBG you need to inject smaller doses, 15-20mg EOD and minimal AI dosage as injecting frequently can lower E2 levels in of itself. If you don’t respond well inject 10-12mg every day. Note low thyroid function can sometimes explain low SHBG, to check thyroid function check oral body temperatures using a glass thermometer per thyroid sticky.

If temperatures are low considering iodine intake, thyroid hormone would then need to be checked, mainly fT3, fT4, rT3 and antibodies. fT3 is where the rubber meets the road. A TSH of 2.95 is bad, forget about what doctors tell you. Most progressive doctors begin treating thyroid when TSH blows past 2.5, doctors with head in sand wait until things reach “disease status”.

Drinking as often as you do encourages estrogen production which you seem to have a problem in that you’re estrogen dominant where testosterone is low and estrogen is high. Contrary to what you have heard, alcohol is bad for you and does you no favors.

Do to your low SHBG it’s going to take at least a year or more for you to make a full recovery, low SHBG guys take a longer time to get dialed in. How do I know, another low SHBG guy here (18 nmol/L) still making improvements 11 months later. Slow, slow improvements in mood are first, then you’ll notice more energy 3-6 months later, then workouts in the gym will improve along with muscle recovery.

Your changes will improve if you find a doctor who knows what in the hell he’s doing, you aren’t equipped to handle this on your own! This is why you are discouraged, you have zero understanding, your doctor has zero understanding.

You should be on a Cpap machine is sleep apnea is as bad as you say it is, otherwise you’re starving your brain of oxygen.