Cycle Question

Hello all!
I am new here and I was wondering if I could receive some help.
I have read through the forums here and have really appreciated the information.
I am 22 years old
Height- 5’11"
Weight- 230lbs

Week 1- 700mg-1,000mg of Test Prop or E
Weeks 2-9 - 500mg of Test E
Weeks 8-11- 20mg/day of Dbol
Weeks 1-11- Adex .25-.5mg/day
Weeks 12-13- Nolva 40mg/day
Weeks 14-15- Nolva 20mg/day

This would be my first cycle and is a lot like Ivank010’s sample cycle.
As you can see I frontload the Test in the first week. The question is whether to use Test Prop or Test E. Test Prop is a more fast acting steroid that would really help the frontload. But, I plan to be using Test E throughout the cycle. Does it matter if I use Prop or E?

Also, since I am a beginner, is 1,000mg too much for a front load? I have seen the formula that Bill Roberts outlined and according to that I would take in approx. 750mg. Would 1,000mg of Test overdue it? Thanks!

Frontload test E, not prop. If you have prop laying around, you can use it with your dbol while your test E clears your system. If you’re going to do this, shoot the prop ED starting 3 days after your last injection of test E, and stop 3 days before your first day of nolva.

Frontloading doesn’t need to be exact. I used 600mg for a 500mg/wk cycle and felt test E kick in around the 1 week mark. 600-750mg should be fine.

Adex seems a bit high, too. But you can pay attention to estrogen sides and adjust the dose from there.

Thank you for doing your research.

Looks good man, I agree to frontload with Test E, no need to shoot 1000mg on frontload.
I just frontloaded sust 250 at 750mg (3cc’s) I got damn luckly it didn’t end up hurting too bad.
As with any higher qty of oil I am a firm believer in loadinng syringe(s) wrap them in heating pad, wait 10 mins then remove air and shoot. Never really have much pain. I also massage it with a rolling pin. Some don’t care for this but it does help me.

Good Luck Man!

Oh and on 1000mg of Prop a week I would be a sexual predator… and my hands would be blistered. Possibly even random gym boners… Don’t do that. No one wants to see that. haha

Thanks for the help! and I died laughing thinking about gym boners. It reminds me of Johnny Knoxville on Jackass.

Quite a cycle for #1.

I always suggest running solo test E round 1. Theres many hidden benefits behind knowing how you react to test e solo for future cycle planning. Not to mention diminishing returns.


BMC, I agree with your thoughts. As you can see in my outlined cycle the Dbol would start to be taken two weeks before I get off Test E and continue for two weeks after. I figure I could see how Test E reacts towards myself and then finish off with a “feel-good” Dbol dosage. Do you suggest not to frontload for a beginner?

I wouldnt necessarily say that a beginner SHOULDNT frontload. It’s all in personal preference.

As far as my diminishing returns comment, it was a general comment because ive seen the beginners starting cycles get more complicated than mine after 3 years of use.

I would check into the adex dosage. Id do it EOD.


Oh okay, I see what you are saying. I’ll try to keep them simple. Thanks!