Curse Words

What do you guys think about cursing? IMO they are just words. If you say dang you really mean damn. If you say crap, poo, or even feces, you mean shit. Butt is really ass. Whats the difference? I think one day a guy said these are bad words. Dont say them. I think thats stupid. Also did you ever stop to think that fuck is the only verb we have that means to have sex and only means to have sex. Screw doesnt count cause you screw a screw. Am i alone or what here?

Fuk as a verb can mean more than just “to have sex”. You could say, "im gonna fuk that guy up". And it would mean that you were gonna beat him up really bad. Other verbs that mean to have sex include: copulate, fornicate,

Not to mention bone, hump, poke, post, swab, tap, shag, ride…shall I go on? Didn’t think so:).

Way back when…the French decided that VIKING language was to vulgar. So they deamed it improper. But in actuallity it is the French who have an improper attitude. However I do believe that if you use words like FUCK and SHIT routinely you devalue their effectiveness. For instance…My Dad never used “BAD” words when I was a kid, but when I got into high school and some serious scolding was in order he let loose with every word in the book. By not using them until absolutely needed he was really able to bring the point home. So be wary of that shock factor…other than that they are just words. late.

Funny, but I tend to use more cuss words when I’m hanging with blue-collar crowd, or a “cool” crowd like musicians. It is strange, but you get instant respect for using the word “fuck” in a creative way. It tends to moderate the poindexter factor of some odd factoid I’m liable to spout if laced with some 4-letter words. i.e. “Those fucking alpha and beta enzymes work best at different mashing temperatures, so you get difference-ass flavors depending on how the damn beer is brewed.” Silly, but fun.

D_END was right in his assessment of how “bad” words become bad. Usually it’s a result of war – the conquering nation outlaws the language of the conquered, thus making them “bad words.” INteresting. Think about this, though – if you’re brought up to know (or believe, or taught, or whatever) that these words are “bad”, then why do YOU use them? Defiance? Something to think about.

I thought about copulate on the way to work. I didnt mean that fuck couldnt be used as something else. I use the words cause I want too. I dont do the rebel thing. I feel they are words just like any other.

D_END has a very good point. Social situation should also be taken into account. I wouldn’t recommend using words such as “motherfucker” ,“Cunt” or the scores of others that are not well taken at large corporate gatherings. Personally I never use those words, I utter “fuck” occasionally but generally I’m able articulate my point without any. For some I think their indiscriminate use is simply a lack of command for the language. Communication can be very refined with lots of nuances.

On a side note, it seems swear words in english are mainly sexual conotations. French (canadian french anyway) Deal more with religion… anybody know about swear words from other languages? I’m actually kinda of curious what the Afghan translation for “OH SHIT” is… I bet it’s being said alot lately.

Im smarter than to go around saying cuss words to just anybody. I say them more around my roommate than anybody. But when Im in public i dont want people looking at me like im a serial killer. Im alread bald with a goatee. I get enough of those kinda looks.

Curses… English language doesn’t have them at all. Really. It is all so… mellow. There are things that can be said in South-Slavic languages that cannot be translated to English. I heard that Hungarian has the most wicked curses of all. :-)))

anybody know the origin of the word “fuck?” anyone? anyone? beuhler? beuhler? here it is- I forget which henry it was off the top of my head, I believe the 7th, but i could be wrong. Anyway, the state of England wasnt the greatest, and henry7 wasnt exactly the nicest, cleanest king ever. anyway, he decided to legalize prostitution to make some dolla bills. but, he only legalized certain prostitutes, so if you were caught with one that didnt have the kings approval, your ass was grass. guess wht the approval was… the word “F.U.C.K” tattooed on the inside of the prostitutes forearm. The acronym stood for Fornication Under Consent of the King. nice, huh?
another one, since im feelin all smart. John Crapper was the pioneering inventor of the indoor toilet. hence, crap=feces. silly, aint it?

Some etymology: “Fuck” was originally a gaelic (I think) word, pronounced “fook”, which meant to plow, or to sew (as in seeds). Words such as “cunt” and “cock” were also vernacular terms that were deemed improper once Latin became the Lingua Franca of the Roman empire…penis and vagina are derived from Latin.

I think Sasa is right when he says that english has tame swear words. I know that in Greek malaka (sp?) means masterbater, and is much worse than calling someone a motherfucker. Funny, if you called a North American a masterbater, most likely the response would be, “yeah, so?”

The etymological roots of the word “fuck” have never been satisfactorily delineated. A commonly held belief is that “fuck” is in fact an abbreviation of “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”. Allegedly, fornicators in England were placed in the stocks with “FUCK” engraved in the wood-thus publicly shaming them for their sexual transgressions. Yet another theory points out that the Anglo-Saxon word “fokken” (alternative spellings abound) means “to beat against”. Which, when things get hot & heavy, is quite an appropriate description, don’t you think?

And then again there’s the Straight Dope archives:

from the dictionary. I don’t know what this proves, but its interesting: