Critical Fish Oil Questions

You’re right that most conventional nutritionists are full of crap - I mean you even get fat ones (guess it must be all that fish oil swilling around their bellies lol). The one nutritionist I’ve personally known didn’t even like healthy eating (I’m not joking!). I like the one where they tell you that ‘nuts are healthy but don’t eat too many because they are so high in fat - go eat your pasta’ - yawn.

Could someone expound on the significance of the DHA/EPA ratio? Why is that important to me in terms of health, muscle building, fat loss, and/or joint health?

I’m considering ordering Flameout, and I’m just not finding the definitive explanation about the ratios of the two.

Thanks as always.

Haven’t checked in on this in a few days. Thanks for the great input, especially avecado and oscarhs.