Concealed Carry & US LawShield

Took the class for my Colorado concealed carry permit over the weekend. Mostly stuff I knew (I had a permit in Texas) but I still picked up a few things. Shoutout to Magnum Shooting Center.

For the first time though, I purchased concealed carry insurance through US LawShield. For those that don’t know, even if you justifiably have to use a firearm in self-defense or the defense of others, you could be out hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

EXAMPLE: In the recent Texas church shooting, a member of church security took out a mass shooter. It was on camera and obviously a justified shooting. But the guy’s legal fees approached half a million bucks… for saving lives.

Remember, for a while at least, you are the bad guy and will need to lawyer up…

US LawShield and similar companies will take care of those fees for around $11 a month. That includes civil suits. (Yes, the relatives of the guy who gets shot trying to rape a woman will sue her.) They also teach you a lot about your rights, how to deal with a situation should it occur – don’t talk to the cops or the 911 operator too much; ask for your lawyer, which you have already called – etc.

Anyway, sounds like an ad, but I think it’s worthwhile. Any experience with this or other insurance companies? Supposedly, this is better than the NRA plan and others, which have some fine print that works against you.

Do you have this type of insurance?

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BTW, here’s the book you get when you sign up for LawShield. I assume they make one for every state.

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In California, you’re better off beating someone to death with your gun than shooting them - despite them breaking into your house. Would need a self-defense slingshot to skirt the law out here.

Will look into this company when I reach a state with common sense though!

I’m beginning to think that California gets things wrong occasionally…


I looked it up real quick: US LawShield covers Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, Arkansas, and Kansas.


You had me at

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I had it for a year when I carried regularly. I canceled though as I stopped conceal carrying. Seemed like a good deal though and my family members have it.

I think, not positive though, that this particular plan covers self-defense of any kind, not just with the use of a firearm. In the class, they gave us an example of a woman who backed over a crazy guy who was smashing her car windows with a tire iron. It’s a situation that seems to happen in Colorado a lot… for some reason.

Watch the Youtube video by the same person.

Required reading for anyone and their kids.

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Awesome, thanks!

From what I hear, you’re better off giving them your gun.

New Jersey? It’s so hard to get a gun there legally I’m surprised. When I got the paperwork to apply for a permit to purchase a weapon, not conceal carry but simply buy one, it turned out to be virtually impossible for me given what they required.

Yep. I think this is what’s happening in California and New York too, but I think New York just eased up a little.

All set up now with US LawShield. Their phone number is now in my favorites. Like all insurance, it’s one of those things you hope you never have to use but you’re glad it’s there. Now I’ll at least be covered in any self-defense or defense-of-others situation, from home to anywhere else.

In the class, they stressed the “don’t get involved” mantra if it’s a situation not directly involving you. It’s generally good advice. After all, you don’t always know who the bad guy is if you walk up on a situation. The instructor even advised that you simply get yourself out of, say, a mass shooter situation. But like most of you, I can’t see this happening if I have the means to save innocent lives. At least with this type of insurance, I don’t have to drain my bank account (plus some) to defend myself in the courts.

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