Coming Back After Elbow Injury

Hello to all on this site. I was on another site for a long time and got sick of it and some of the insane s**t getting posted so I have made an exodus here and I am impressed thus far with some of the more veteran members and the good knowledge being posted.

I have been unable to train for almost a year now (via the request of my ortho) and have just gotten cleared to train again and it couldn’t bring a bigger smile to my face. I am starting light for the first few weeks and if all is well, going full bore by the end of march. I try and avoid gear most times because of what floats around and mail order stuff is shady to say the least.

I did place an order a year ago from a nameless site and I know damn well this is a UGL and I have to say this to anyone thinking about getting gear from them…be careful please. I am not saying all the stuff out there is bunk, I’m just saying the TREN and Test 400 I used last time around was very weak. This was def not my first rodeo and my doses and training were as rigid as ever with minimal size gains and some gain of strength.

I keep pretty strict journals of my training and diet when on and off and my gains really didn’t fit with a full blown cycle. In my year off I have been doing tons of research into legit Pharma gear and I am still jaded by some of these sites and the stuff I read about them on the forums.

For now I am just happy to be here, happy to be back in the saddle and happy my injury has healed to the point I can train again, SEMPER FI DO OR DIE!!!----mrslippyfist66