Cobra003 Case Study & Updates

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Ask Dr M if he will give you my contact info.[/quote]

If I do decide to go there it may take you giving them a heads up before hand due to Doctor,Patient Confidentiality laws. lol

I follow up with my new Doc in about 4 more weeks. I am going to ask him about possible GH, AI, and anything else that is relevant to follow-up labs. I will know after the appointment if he is willing to be a pioneer in HRT, and work with me.

GH: hGH was approved for Adult GH deficiency by the FDA in 1996. Yes, cost is a barrier, as well as doctor’s attitudes. Some doc’s may feel that if they prescribe GH, that they will get in trouble. Many insurance programs would want to distance themselves from a doctor who prescribes a lot of GH or other hormones. I have seen it happen, where a doc was getting a lot of adversity from the State medical board. As soon as the doctor dropped insurance affiliation, the problem went away. No surprise that insurance companies are part of the State medical boards. So obviously, there never was any real concern for patient safely or patient financial impact, as long as the insurance companies were not involved with the costs.

Well I had a follow up with my Endo, actualy he is the PA. We was going over my new lab and for some reason he thought I was off test while I was taking the HCG. Anyway that is what he thinks I should have been doing. I have know idea where he got that idea, I mean I go over my current meds every time I go in and I have told him what amount I am taking.

So he said you will have to stop the Test if you want to continue the HCG.
I had enough and blew up on him, told him I wanted my $20.00 copay refunded, and I that I am done wasting my time with you, and walked out. He tried to stop me but I wouldn’t listen to him.

I went up front got a copy of my lab, and a credit back on my debit card.
I found a new place here in Wichita that Specializes in Age Management. I am going to give them a shot. If I don’t like what I here I will be going to the KC area.

I don’t mean to hijack your thread. I’m having enough trouble just figuring out how this forum operates and the rules if that tells you how well I am understanding all this TRT endo stuff.

KSman…Free State, 23rd St Brewery, Johnny’s ??? You pick the place and the tabs on me!

How can we contact each other? Not sure what I have to do to use the PM’s? I would gladly send my email or cell#.

Let me know?

We could do 23rd. This could get cloak and dagger :wink:

Create your own thread and we can go from there. See the advice for new guys sticky and get started here. Where would you be coming from?

West of town in the country not far from Stull.

Will try to find time this eve to read the new guys sticky.

Had my first appointment with Anti Aging Doc. He is okay with my current protocol and will continue my scrip for HCG. He is big on supplements and has his owmn labeled brand for $$$. He advised that that I start taking 5000iu of D3 for the first month then drop back. Also 50mg of DHEA, and a good muti vitamin.

Within a couple of days I noticed I was getting very anxious and stopped the D3. The anxiety went away after I stopped. Now I have been feeling really emotional, and morning erections are weakening. I thinking maybe the DHEA is raising my E2. I don’t know if I should stop it, or lower my dose. My last lab before starting DHEA was 22, range 80-560. I don’t know if I even need it for sure.
Anyone have any good advise?

I am really feeling bad! Lots of anxiety, obsesive thinking and depression. I havn’t felt like this for several years. Could the DHEA be doing this? I have been feeling really good up until this last week. Not sure what is going on.

Well I am happy! I have finally received a script for a Arimidex from a new Anti Aging Doctor that I am seeing. I know my E2 has been on the high side and causing some negative side effects. I have been on Test Cyp injections long enough now I can dial my total T in exactly where I want it with SQ injections. Every time I get it in the range of 900 my E2 is at the very top of the range.

I had it called into walgreens and went to pick it up last night. They wanted $311.00 for 30 Generic Arimidex 1mg pills. So today I contacted the compounding Pharmacy I use for HCG which costs me $80.00 for a 10ml vial, compared to $290.00 at Walgreens. I could not believe it when they told me it would be $28.00 for 30 generic Arimidex 1mg pills. I thanked them, and they said no problem we have a customer loyalty program, and basically sale at wholesale. If anyone wants there name shoot me a email, I am sure they will mail out of state. I am going to send all my other scripts over to them now. The only reason I haven’t yet is they are on the other side of the city, and Walgreens is just down the street.

I am not sure what to start taking though. I respond to meds very well. I use very little T to maintain the 900 range. Should I start out on 1mg pills for a few days then cut back to .25mg after that. And how often should I take them EOD or E3rdD, or something else?

Here are my labs from a couple of days ago. They look very good except E2. I am taking Test Cyp, HCG, Synthroid, and Cialis. I also started back on the supplements I got from the Anti Age Doc. DHEA, D3, and a good Multi Vitamin. I thought they may have been making me feel bad, but he said he is 99.9% sure thay are not.

Total T=982 range 240-950
Free T3=4.1 range 2.4-5.3
Free T4=1.3 range 0.9-1.8
TSH = 0.95 range 0.40-4.10
Estradiol=53 range 0-56